Frozen 2 Movie Poster

Frozen 2

NA / English / 0 / 103 min

Director Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck 
Cast Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad 
Release Date 21 November 2019


Donovan Teo
02 December 2019
Cool animation
As usual, the Frozen sequel is filled with a lot of singing and epic scenes. Extremely family friendly. Some of the new songs are a little harder to sing as compared to the epic “Let It Go!” Otherwise, the movie’s storyline is awesome!

30 December 2019
Absolute visual wonder
There are no words strong enough to convey my absolute awe at every single aspect of this movie. The pure spectacle of the movie is mesmerizing, every moment with snow and water is pure magic that sets up the world and immerses you in all its beauty. The layout designs and transitions are gorgeous. The best part is the character animation, because our main cast contains four characters, many MANY scenes contain them each having reactions or movement choices that are so true to their individual personalities. The writing leaves a little to be desired in terms of character development and growth. But spoilers. However, the songs are perfection and the only word that comes to mind to describe this soundtrack is SOULFUL. Every word seems perfectly crafted, as the music assaults your emotions at the deepest level. The reaction to the music is visceral and the chords themselves tell you what emotion to feel. Wonderful movie for all ages!

21 November 2019
First thing was begin tell the story and then moment the story was dangerous and then the parents is gone after that we can hear the voice we calling the places is far away is dark fear Then Anna save Elsa from ice we saw grandfather that was amazing movie in the end

Juliana H.
04 December 2019
Outstanding sequel!
Spectacular visuals with more songs than the first movie. The plot pace may be a little slow for very young kids but the action scenes are worth waiting for. The plot is deeper and a bit darker but is fascinating to watch. Overall a great family movie for everyone.

Sim DS
27 November 2019
Amazing Amazing Amazing
Humour was there, conflict was there, music was amazing, story was captivating, super emotional and touching. There’s absolutely nothing I hate about it. Well done, Disney.

Weitong Law
18 December 2019
I love it!
I actually enjoyed it more than part 1! More plot and depth definitely :) the songs are not as catchy but they are so meaningful! Really lovely tunes and lyrics.

Pauline Chua
03 December 2019
Frozen 2 is more funny
Water is a very miraculous thing, substance and etc. The wonders of water! This show is more funny than the first. Nevertheless, we enjoyed watching it!

Michelle Tan Yin Keat
24 November 2019
Great Sequel
Important lesson of the day is to do the right thing even it is very hard to do sometimes. It is nice to watch a happy ending for the Anna and Kristoff.

Yan Yi
24 December 2019
Frozen 2
Smooth storyline and very nice visual. Improve a lot from the first movie. Nice animation and music. Not as catchy as let it go but still good enough

Brandon Lee
15 December 2019
Better than The first
One of the better movies for 2019. Surprisingly part 2 was better than the part 1. Even the songs were much more better.

09 January 2020
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22 December 2019
music was amazing
good explanation and rounding off to the series. tied up some loose ends that were not noticed from the first movie.

01 December 2019
Light hearted movie. Nice music. Dazzled by quality and beauty of the visuals that the animation team has laid out.

28 November 2019
Surprisingly, I enjoyed the movie. It's magical. That is, not only so for kids! Sisterhood rules! Catch it!

Eileen Goh
22 November 2019
Frozen II
the movie has a Nice plot, good singing & acting too not only kids enjoy, i enjoyed too, story was magical

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