Enter The Fat Dragon Movie Poster

Enter The Fat Dragon

NA / Mandarin / 0 / NA

Director Jing Wong, Kenji Tanigaki 
Cast Donnie Yen, Niki Chow, Teresa Mo Sun Kwan, Wong Jing, Louis Cheung 
Release Date 23 January 2020


Funny and Entertaing film for the whole family
26 January 2020
Inspirational movie which happens to be a CNY movie
Very nice and inspirational movie, did not expect this based on the poster. Donnie Yen's action as the Fat Dragon is faster and even more agile than IpMan, incorporating MMA moves. Plot was simple yet made sense which allows whole family to enjoy! Overall it is action packed, funny and extremely entertaining.

Good laugh and good fun
26 January 2020
Good Laugh and Good Fun!
Never expected to enjoy ‘Enter the Fat Dragon’ as much as we did – for one, Wong Jing’s involvement is always cause for caution; and for another, Yen is new to the action comedy genre. And yet, their collaboration here is probably the most inspired you’ve seen from either of them in some time, with Wong regaining the comedic mojo he has arguably lost and Yen in one of his most surprisingly entertaining roles. Not only is it perfect to put you in a jolly mood for the Lunar New Year season, it is also simply one of the best examples of the genre. We’ll gladly enter the fat dragon with this comic ensemble any time of the year.

Good movies to catch!
25 January 2020
Funny movie; whole family enjoyed and loved it
Donnie Yen handsome as always, but fatter. Overall very nice movie, allows you to remember those older HK CNY movies - I believe this film will become a classic, as the funny parts were really good and fight scenes were superb!

Best CNY movie in recent years!
26 January 2020
Better action than IpMan4?
Arguably better action than IpMan4, with a more simple plot. Overall Donnie looks much younger here, and uses more kicks and MMA. Storyline is very good, albeit a little predictable but yet inspirational! Worth the watch!

Action packed CNY blockbuster with good plot
26 January 2020
Good Movie with an inspiring plot
Perhaps the best CNY movie for a long time, plot made sense and the fight scenes were really great. Whole family enjoyed it, theater was full and had great laughs!!

Surprisingly Good and Entertaining - Must Watch!
26 January 2020
Very good and entertaining movie
Deserves festive price as well as weekend price - very nice movie that is inspiring yet very action packed and entertaining!

26 January 2020
A Thriller you must not missed
A more youthful looking, lively and jovial Donnie Yen in this show. Good casting and plenty of exciting actions in this movie that will hold you tight to your seat. Worth watching.

27 January 2020
Throughly enjoyed the movie!
Best movie for CNY - Donnie Yen acts as a Fatman who is very skiller and entertaining. There is a love storyline as well as great action scenes.

25 January 2020
Funny movie however it’s not like one of those Super hilarious movie. Still, a lot of fighting scenes

Dare to watch
26 January 2020
Hilariously and infectiously entertaining
Super like the poster of Yen in Lee’s signature yellow jumpsuit while wielding the nunchaku. It’s also includes a funny outtake during the end-credit scene.

Not very nice. Please don't watch
26 January 2020
Not nice. Waste money
Don't watch or u will regret your Chinese new year. It is so lame, if you want to sleep u can watch this movie and sleep

宮川 和久
03 February 2020
No wonder showing this lousy plot film after Ipman4.
It is holrribly plotted and connected the pieces of meaningless seanes. My respect for Ipman is discuraged.

28 January 2020
Silly not funny
Not worth ticket price. Wait for it to come out on tv.

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