Escape Room Movie Poster

Escape Room

PG13 / English / Horror / NA

Director Adam Robitel 
Cast Logan Miller, Deborah Ann Woll, Taylor Russell, Tyler Labine 
Release Date 10 January 2019


Salman Fitri
15 January 2019
great plot and cast! not much expectation but it really gave the thrill and suspense. ending can be better.

12 January 2019
Escape Room
Scary and exciting movie to watch! This movie has intense story line and keep captivates the audience

June Tan
15 January 2019
The ending was unexpected but great movie overall !

Pauline Chua
13 January 2019
Thriller movie
Didn’t expect the story to end this way!! Super thriller that gave my Son and me a shock!! Worth to watch....

Shanhui Wheeh
21 January 2019
Unexpectedly good! Was kept on the edge of my chair throughout the show. The plot twist at the end was awesome! can’t wait to catch the sequel.

Maira Matnoor
24 January 2019
Must watch!
It is really great movie to watch! Almost like The Saw movie but this is much more better way better. Really enjoy cant wait for part 2.

23 January 2019
Exciting n thrilling
Very exciting and thrilling movie. Couldn’t take my eyes off the screen, every scene was plotted perfectly. No regrets watching this!

Fion Lim
03 February 2019
Stunning visuals
I wished the camera panned slower so that I can fully enjoy the viusuals of the stunning setup display of all the rooms. Enjoyed the film. Remember to breathe

08 February 2019
Nothing much to say but me and my boyfriend enjoyed the movie! It’s such a cool concept altogether and can’t wait for the next part to be out in cinemas!

Su Ei Phyu
06 February 2019
Very interesting movie
The whole movie is very interesting n I m waiting what room is coming next ( firstly they passed very hot room with fire all over the ceiling n post , secondly , they reached to small hat , after they solved the puzzle , the gate is opened and reached to cold forest is very snowy n temperature keep lowering down ; they lost one of the player young boy life ; finally they found key which is inside the ice cube ; was hugged to make contact with human body n hands to melt down. They use that key to open the gate , quickly run to the gate while the ice floor are cracking .Thirdly, reached to upside down pub with noisy sound. Once they stepped wrong place; the whole set up floor dropped to the ground , which is very high to see the ground . Firstly solved the puzzles board to guess the safe box passcode , the girl climbed up to the upside down pub tables . The girl got black ball from the safe , she need to use the ball to open the door . But it s difficult to pass over to reach to the door . So she no longer can’t hold dangling from the phone wire and gave up her life. They opened the ball to open the gate . Total is six rooms .. finally the little girl tricked by crushing CCTV n once some men cleaned the room n she woke up n beat them, get the guns n find the man who set up the escape room . she switched the loser status to that man on the big Tv screen . She n another one man beat the man n shot his to death n they become the winner . The guy got injured on his thigh n treated in hospital . After six months later ; the bad guys wanted to kill the the escape room winner . They r planning to take the plane n they trying to set up the escape room in the planes .. that is the last episode hahahahah

Dare to watch
10 January 2019
This isn't your normal game.
Tyler Labine was the funniest with his portrayal of Mike. The puzzles are psychological, operating off of each character's specific paranoia or trauma caused by the past. Plenty of thrills in its undeniably perfect premise.

Amanda Lee
12 January 2019
This is an exciting and thrilling movie that leaves you at the edge of your seat. There are many twists and turns!

James CCG
17 January 2019
Interesting & intelligent storyline with lots of thrills, twists & turns till the very end. Worth watching!

Priscilla Jigoku Shoujo Lay
21 January 2019
Some gore would be good
I thought this movie was gonna be similar to Saw but its not. Interesting plot and hazards were also realistic. Whats missing for me is only the gore.

Cheryl Lee
17 January 2019
Good thriller
Randomly chose this movie and it was better than expected, exciting storyline and unexpected ending! Great

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