Ghostland (2018)

NC16 / English / Horror / 88 min

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On their first night of living in her late aunt`s house, Pauline and her two daughters, Beth and Vera, are attacked by murderers who`ve intruded the house. She fights hard and saves her daughters. The incident leaves both daughters traumatised but it affects them differently. Beth grows up to be a renowned horror author and lives a happy life with her perfect family. Vera, however, suffers from paranoia. Sixteen years later, when Beth reunites with her mother and sister who still live in the house, strange happenings begin to occur around them.

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Ghostland Reviews

Joi Chu
27 May 2018
To be honest if you watch this trailer you would know that this movie is pretty messy, on the other hand, I would say it's pretty scary

26 May 2018
This show is pretty scary! Keeps me very thrilled from time to time, background music definitely well chosen to enhance this

*movie time*
1 June 2018
Worth To Watch Horror Movie
Great horror movies storylines are hard to come by~ Ghostland has an excellent plot, awesome casts, fantastic sound effects. The scary element is there! Nothing bad to comment~ Worth to watch!

20 May 2018
The best horror in recent years
Basically more than half the show I had my hand over my mouth(in case I scream). It was pretty intense and the director did an amazing job. Everything was perfect. The stars acted SO WELL. The props are good (nv gonna buy any freakin doll in my life) The flow of the plot, the twist, the ending. Must watch if you're a horror fan.

Shih Ying Gun
1 June 2018
A different kind of ghost
Horror movies featuring spirits and mediums are now rapidly taken over by the horror thriller genre where the "ghost" lies beyond that of the supernatural world. Ghostland is one such movie that cleverly flicks between the ghosts of the past and present as well as those of reality and imagination. What haunts viewers would be the high thrill factor in this show that makes viewers sometimes come face-to-face with their own "ghosts" in their lives.

Redigu Liew
17 May 2018
Horror movie
This is a very horror movie and I like the story and actor very much. I will intro this movie to my friend

Anak Mohamad Nor
29 May 2018
Intense.. Good for those who love thrillers show. I thought its a ghost story but it was even better

Dee Azri
27 May 2018
Such an INCREDIBLE thriller!
Was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire movie. Some scenes were uncomfortable to watch, which makes the movie feels so real and honest. I love how trauma is clearly depicted in this movie.

Clement Phoo
25 May 2018
I watch the trailer is good.. Saw many comment said best movie.. I will go to watch it tonight.......

Keenan .H
18 May 2018
Horror movie at the next level !!
Very intense indeed . This movie have definitely bring horror movie to the next level. A under rated show ! I would consider my friemd and me are pretty immune to horror movie , they are rarely few horror movie that make us at edge !this movie sure do. I didn’t realise I was holding my breath while watching and it made us very “stressed” while watching . This movie already in my top movie list for 2018.

17 May 2018
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30 May 2018
Ghostland is a 2018 horror film directed by Pascal Laugier.[7] The film is about Pauline who inherits her aunt's house. During their first night in their new home, murderers break in leading to Pauline and her two daughters find their personalities begin to change. Sixteen years later, the two daughters Beth, a horror author, and Vera are struggling with the events that happen and reunite with their mother at the house.

Kenneth XiaMi
21 May 2018
The story is very good...............................................................................

1 July 2018
Super violent and gory
For those without a stomach for violence and blood, this is definitely not the movie for you - You were warned!

Cedric Koh Wen Wei
29 June 2018
Worst movie of the year
Being a horror movie fan and a fan of the director's Martyrs, I was sorely disappointed by this film and found it pointless, stupid and awful in every way. The jumpscares made everything even more laughable too.

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