How To Train Your Dragon 3 (2019)

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From DreamWorks Animation comes a surprising tale about growing up, finding the courage to face the unknown…and how nothing can ever train you to let go. What began as an unlikely friendship between an adolescent Viking and a fearsome Night Fury dragon has become an epic adventure spanning their lives. Welcome to the most astonishing chapter of one of the most beloved animated franchises in film history: How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

Now chief and ruler of Berk alongside Astrid, Hiccup has created a gloriously chaotic dragon utopia. When the sudden appearance of female Light Fury coincides with the darkest threat their village has ever faced, Hiccup and Toothless must leave the only home they’ve known and journey to a hidden world thought only to exist in myth. As their true destinies are revealed, dragon and rider will fight together—to the very ends of the Earth—to protect everything they’ve grown to treasure.

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How To Train Your Dragon 3 Reviews

June Tan
27 January 2019

Story: 5 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 5 | Music: 5 | Overall: 5

A really great show to watch. Full of adventures and unexpected twist and turns in plot. overall a really gOOd show !!!!:)

1 February 2019

Story: 5 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 5 | Music: 5 | Overall: 5

Great fun conclusion to the trilogy

Priscilla Jigoku Shoujo Lay
6 February 2019
Perfect Ending

Story: 5 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 5 | Music: 4 | Overall: 5

Other than the fact both Hiccup and Toothless were able to get together with their significant other and even had kids, I feel whats more amazing about the finale is that even though both of them couldn’t live together (just yet), its heartwarming how even after many years, they didn’t forget about each other. The bond between them is just beautiful.

3 February 2019
Mad love for toothless!!!!!

Story: 5 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 5 | Music: 4 | Overall: 5

Fresh and interesting storyline and plot twists. Packed with funny and cute scenes. The best among the 3s i must say. Even if you've never watch HTTYD before, its definitely worth watching this!!! Now i want to watch the series all over again.

10 February 2019

Story: 4 | Acting: 4 | Visual: 5 | Music: 5 | Overall: 5

This is such a fabulous movie to watch,especially if you are watching it in cinema.The story is great and everything about it is awesome!Everyone should definitely watch it!!

Karen Casandra Male
3 February 2019
Great Movie

Story: 5 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 5 | Music: 5 | Overall: 5

Great movie for all, I enjoyed watching it. It was really nice to watch a movie like this,.............

Kumaresan Vishnu
4 February 2019
Awesome Movie!!! A must watch for everyone

Story: 5 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 5 | Music: 5 | Overall: 5

This movie had almost the same kind of ending as Harry Potter where you will never forget about it and the same goes for how to train your dragon where you will never forget it and will want more of how to train your dragon.

Wanyu Tay
4 February 2019

Story: 5 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 5 | Music: 5 | Overall: 5

Toothless is so adorable and the movie blended really well with all the story line and the effects! Must watch show!

Devendran Raj
5 February 2019

Story: 4 | Acting: 4 | Visual: 5 | Music: 4 | Overall: 5

Nice movie the light furry amd black furry was cute. The ending very emotional . Family entertainer worth it

31 January 2019
Love it!

Story: 5 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 5 | Music: 5 | Overall: 5

Highly recommended! Love toothless to the max! I would have expected toothless & gf to stay with them till the end but well.. I was right and wrong. One movie that u must bring your kids to watch-it shouts out family, friendship, teamwork, growth, Choices and perspectives in a very interesting way.

James CCG
4 February 2019

Story: 5 | Acting: 4 | Visual: 4 | Music: 4 | Overall: 5

Good storyline and continuation from parts 1 & 2. Very imaginative and visually spectacular. Worth watching!

Leon Z Ho
1 February 2019
Awesome ending to an awesome trilogy.

Story: 4 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 5 | Music: 4 | Overall: 5

Not sure about you guys but most of the movies are only great in the first part and the hype just dies down eventually. But How to train your dragon 3 is the perfect ending everyone can ask for. It is predictable but it also brings the bitter sweet feeling. If you enjoyed the first two movies of this series, you should definently catch this.

3 February 2019
Everlasting friendship

Story: 5 | Acting: 4 | Visual: 5 | Music: 3 | Overall: 5

The prefect ending to the trilogy.. Sometimes letting go is also a form of love.. Sometimes growing apart doesn’t mean the end.. A mature storyline that I love since first movie! A great journey of friendship and love!

Shahaizan Jamal
11 February 2019
Not just a family movie

Story: 5 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 5 | Music: 5 | Overall: 5

This series does not disappoint. As much as we want another ending but the conclusion really taught the viewers a few things in life. A good lesson for children and a reminder for adults.

13 February 2019
Just love these characters!

Story: 5 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 5 | Music: 5 | Overall: 5

Sad that this is the end of my beloved toothless and hiccup in the big screen, but great ending both happy with their own destinies as leaders of each kind and families.

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