Ip Man 4: The Finale Movie Poster

Ip Man 4: The Finale

NA / Mandarin / 0 / NA

Director Wilson Yip 
Cast Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins, Danny Chan Kwok-kwan 
Release Date 20 December 2019


Tiger Heng
19 December 2019
Touching and action packed finale - perfect ending to the series
Genuinely, Ip Man 4 is a great ending to the franchise. There are comedic moments where the theater is filled with laughter, but more often than not, Ip Man 4 represents a touching story about kinship and there were many scenes that leave audiences sobbing. The action scenes are impecable, with Ip Man's elegance and graceful style being more obvious than the previous 3 films. There are ALOT of action scenes and I also really liked Scott Adkins’ and Chris Collins’ characters as well; and their martial arts background really shone. And after 3 movies to tease Bruce Lee, he also had a really big role here. This is undoubtedly the ending of the Ip Man franchise and genuinely a very definitive conclusion. (So nope, Ip Man did not join the Avengers). There will be moments where you will recall the best memories from the 1st - 3rd film. This is at least the 2nd best movie in the Quadrilogy. Ip Man 4 is genuinely a very satisfying conclusion to the series, that is action-packed, has funny moments and will bring tears to your eyes. Ip Man 4 honestly is honestly one of the best movies this year!

Ken Chew
20 December 2019
An all-out bang for the finale
Donnie yen had once again, never fail to impress the audiences. Truly a great form of art and an honour to be able to catch the movie amongst the very first among the others. The scenes were they engaged in hand-to-hand combat was mesmerising and emanates sheer suspense. It is a must-watch movie and I would urge everyone who is a die-hard fan of IpMan to watch it before they would inadvertently stumble upon a spoiler with days to come.

Thomas Yeo
24 December 2019
Recommended to watch!
This movie has the mixture of excitement, funny, touching, crying and angry etc... All kinds of emotions get into me. However the fighting scenes are still not enough for me though. I expect more compared to earlier movies IP Man 1, 2 and 3. Overall is a very good movie to watch!

08 January 2020
Fair wrap-up
I like how it's being choreographed. Realistic cos I really can't stand those plot where it sort of over glorified on those kongfu master. This one is more emotional as compared to the earlier ones...

21 December 2019
Highly recommended
Superb performance and lots of martial arts. Guess all good things must come to an end. Revealed the racism that prevails globally - yesterday, today and tomorrow!

22 December 2019
Awesome movie ever.. Must watch.. Touching too.. About human rights and must be united as family. I don't mind watching it again and again

17 January 2020
More enjoyable than other Ip Man movies
The last and final instalment of Ip man definitely kept me more entertained than the previous few instalments. Worth a watch.

21 January 2020
Very good
Nice and recommended. I love the Bruce Lee scene. Scott Atkins and Chris Collin are awesome . Not to mention Dennie yen

29 December 2019
Fight lovers should watch this movie, esp ip man lovers should watch this movie as it’s the finale. Boyka is in too

Joeann Faith Chan
19 February 2020
Best of the 4 series! Donnie Yen is the best cast for this movie! The storyline brings out the spirit of Chinese!

William Lim Wei Jie
28 January 2020
Emotional but expected
Visuals and action scenes are amazing! The plot though expected, is still very emotional! Great to watch overall!

Dare to watch
19 December 2019
Gorgeous choreography. 
The action is fast-paced and the fighting is poetic. It is Ip Man's unconditional love for his son that is truly touching. The fight choreography is pretty astounding.

Ken Tan
08 January 2020
the final episode
can really notice Donnie Yen aging compared to the first instalment. plot just meh enough. provides closure to the entire franchise.

04 January 2020
Ip Man more like Yeeeeeep Man
Predictable storyline but a decent end to the series. Fight choreography is good, but the power dynamic seems inconsistent.

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