Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (2018)

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After being defeated by Ip Man, Cheung Tin Chi (Zhang Jin) lives a depressed life and stays low profile. One day, he offends Kit (Kevin Cheng), the younger brother of the most influential gangster Sis HA (Michelle Yeoh), when he tries to save Julia. While Tin Chi tries to stay out of trouble, he gets himself into a fight with the foreigner Davidson (Dave Bautista), the big boss behind the bar district. Tin Chi fights hard with Wing Chun and earns his respect from the neighbourhood...

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Master Z: Ip Man Legacy Reviews

Julian Yuzu G
1 January 2019
Ip man fans rejoice

Story: 5 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 5 | Music: 5 | Overall: 5

Wonderful fight scenes with a good storyline to propel the reasons for the fights. Ip man level choreography to delight your senses. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Can’t say the same for most Hollywood films. Show your support if you want more in the future.

Gary Goh
23 December 2018

Story: 5 | Acting: 4 | Visual: 4 | Music: 4 | Overall: 5

Great storyline. Fighting scene was good except a few scenes can be better(more realistic). After defeated by IP man, he lay low. However he had to fight gangsters to defend. All along he hasn’t used wing chun until the final fight. The movie portrait wing chun as overpowering martial arts. Typical corrupted british commanding officer being arrested eventually after repeatly demanding subordinates to turn a blind eye to crimes. Enjoyed the movie, worth spending the money. Do support (especially if you are fan of IP man series)

11 January 2019

Story: 5 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 5 | Music: 5 | Overall: 5

Tony Jaa always look so great charming whenever he fights with his amazing skills... worth watching with no regrets

24 January 2019

Story: 5 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 5 | Music: 4 | Overall: 5

Breathtaking stunts and heartening storyline. A very meaningful sequel to Ip Man, bringing the spotlight to an often overlooked character. The main lead was able to carry out the stunts and acting flawlessly, leaving us at awe throughout!

Cheryl Lee
17 January 2019
Please watch it!!!

Story: 4 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 4 | Music: 4 | Overall: 5

Nice and touching movie with great storyline and exciting fighting scenes!!you won’t regret watching this!

Lim Xin Rong
16 January 2019

Story: 5 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 5 | Music: 5 | Overall: 5

*movie time*
25 December 2018
Marvelous Fighting Scenes

Story: 4 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 4 | Music: 3 | Overall: 4

Great story plot which will keep you on your edges. The fighting scenes are brillantly choreographed. Thumbs up to the acting skills too. Good job to all the actors and actresses. Worth to watch! Nice~

Esther Poon
9 January 2019
Quite a good watch

Story: 4 | Acting: 3 | Visual: 4 | Music: 3 | Overall: 4

Not bad for an action movie. Worth a watch. However I feel some parts can improve on it. Overall not bad

Dare to watch
20 December 2018
Exciting fights, luscious 1960s costume design.

Story: 4 | Acting: 4 | Visual: 4 | Music: 4 | Overall: 4

One high wire fight atop the neon signboards of Hong Kong is particularly well executed. Max Zhang does have a certain steely charisma that makes for a convincing hero.

27 December 2018

Story: 4 | Acting: 4 | Visual: 4 | Music: 3 | Overall: 4

Teddy Rufus
30 December 2018
Just watch the trailer

Story: 4 | Acting: 2 | Visual: 3 | Music: 2 | Overall: 3

I realise all the best moments in the movie already shown in the trailer. Michelle Yeow excellent performance as usual but the lead could have been better

Tiger Heng
20 December 2018
Not as epic as the Real Ip Man films - lots of plotholes

Story: 1 | Acting: 1 | Visual: 1 | Music: 1 | Overall: 1

Firstly, the main actress is miscast. She totally does not fit the role. Secondly, Michelle Yeoh and Tony Jaa appears barely for a few minutes each. Thirdly, the story has many plotholes and it is copy of Ip Man 2 but this is way bad. They try too hard to paint caucasians as bad guys but it all does not make sense. Lastly, why put "Ip Man" in the title when Donnie Yen does not even have a cameo? Ip Man without Donnie Yen is like Iron Man without Robert Downey Jr!

Kitty Yeung Downer
27 December 2018
Great Kung fu fighting scene
Overall: 0
I don’t know what to expect but it is a good film. I love the fighting scene as it is quick and sharp. It really shows how powerful and captivating kungfu is and can be. Worth seeing and would love to watch it again.

Casper Chan
29 December 2018
Better than expected
Overall: 0
I have to admit that I thought it is just another kungfu fighting show like IpMan, but the story encompass more than just a fighting show. Love it.

Asybiel Seah
4 January 2019
Ip man never disappoints.
Overall: 0
Whichever ip man movie all never disappoints us. One of the best martial arts movoe made real with high tech filming equipments. Awesome

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