Ip Man: Cheung Tin Chi (2018)

NA / Mandarin / Action / Martial Arts / Not Available

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Director: Yuen Woo Ping
Cast: Mark Chao Zhang Jin Dave Bautista Tony Jaa Michelle Yeoh
Release Date:  2018-05-03 00:00:00
Running Time:  Not Available
Distributor:  Shaw Organisation


After being defeated by Ip Man, Cheung Tin Chi (Zhang Jin) lives a depressed life and stays low profile. One day, he offends Kit (Kevin Cheng), the younger brother of the most influential gangster Sis HA (Michelle Yeoh), when he tries to save Julia. While Tin Chi tries to stay out of trouble, he gets himself into a fight with the foreigner Davidson (Dave Bautista), the big boss behind the bar district. Tin Chi fights hard with Wing Chun and earns his respect from the neighbourhood...

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