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NC16 / English / Horror / Thriller / 135 min

Director Andres Muschietti 
Cast Bill Skarsgård, Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff 
Release Date 07 September 2017


Darius Lucas Lim
07 September 2017
Can't wait for chapter 2
I don't care what people say but the reinvention of IT was awesome, it stuck to what the original movies were about. Just maybe pennywise's face could be a tad scarier? But a really good movie in my books.

Bakemono Hime
07 September 2017
Way better than the 1990 version
The filming techniques are better - the camera work, the lighting, the make up/special effects, and details from the book. The kids are also generally better actors. The clown is creepy and quite a mouthy monster; I liked what they did with its face and teeth and rolling eyes. But the problem with a movie which aims to tackle a book crammed with details is that each of the 7 kids' fears is not fleshed out fully. Although the director did try his best in 2hrs 15 mins. Thankfully, they didn't try to cram in what happened when the kids are adults. That's for the sequel... Chapter 2.

Sarah Mae Azhar
10 September 2017
Fantastic Movie
The monsters were really well animated. The jokes in the movie were really funny. It was also really scary and fullied with jump scares. The kids in the movie did such a good job portraying the characters.

ZhengYu Lzy
21 September 2017
All the horror packed in one.
Everything you need in a horror movie.

03 October 2017
Must watch !!
Never a fan of horror movies but this movie attracted to me because it’s from Stephen king & I know his books are really good & wonder if the movies are the same . I’ve to say I’m impressed , the jump scares really scared me & the story plot is awesome as well . Definitely can’t wait for part 2 to be out . But will be rewatching this again before part 2 is out .

06 October 2017
Best movie ever
I don't mind watching this over and over again!

Young Yiro
12 September 2017
Must watch
Interesting movie and must watch

Geriel Jane
05 October 2017
Awesome movie
Movie was better then the old one. Really scary

Chun Xiao Chen
24 September 2017
Marvellous work that redefines horror films
If you’re sick of all the horror movies that solely rely on jump scares and “based on true story” backing to climb up box office rankings, I assure you, that this movie is worth watching. The perfect balance between light hearted camaraderie and heart stopping scenes makes the movie as a whole palatable to even those who normally shun away from horror or thriller films. Watch it with an open mind, and you’ll be amazed by the effort that has been put into creating this massive production.

Christopher Cheesetopher
28 September 2017
This movie have lots of unexpected thrilling scene , it is a very scary movie that I watched in this year,the movie scene look very realistic the children that was in the show acted perfectly and natural ,the crown and other monster make up is creepy and flawless which make the movie spooky and thrilling.the sound and the jumpscare will scare the shit of yours. Is definitely a movie u must watch !

Delaina Karuppiah
21 October 2017
Hilarious, yet spine chilling - a rare combination!
Psychological horror at its best! With little to no jump scares, IT delivers its creeps with atmospheric cinematography and does so quite effectively. The kids in the movie are incredibly endearing and bring a sense of casualness and comedy often lacking from horror films. IT will go into my book of ‘Great Scary Films to watch with your Best Buddies’.

Heshy Heshy
17 September 2017
Freaked Me OUT
The movie literally freaked me out. It is even scarier than Annabelle. I got shocked when the clown appears in the road drainage to lure Georgie. It was even horrifying when open its mouth to reveal scary razor sharp teeth. The boys acted well including Beverly. Must..must watch.

07 October 2017
Not as scary as expected
The movie itself was not as scary as the trailer set it out to be. Nevertheless, PENNYWISE is creepy and was well portrayed. The best part about this movie is the way the children acted. They’re really talented. Storyline was excellent!!

Alyssa Gillian
15 October 2017
You'll float too
Not the scariest but I think it's just nice. Some parts that was supposed to be scary turned a little funny actually. Still, glad they didn't change a lot from the original!

Omar Gutierrez
14 October 2017
I love it
I love this movie this is better than 1990 version also i think chapter 2 will come out in 2018 or 2019 and i can't wait to come out in blu ray and DVD i love it

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