John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Movie Poster

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

M18 / English / Action / Crime / Thriller / NA

Director Chad Stahelski 
Cast Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Ian McShane, Ruby Rose 
Release Date 16 May 2019


19 May 2019
Keanu Reeves delivers
Keanu Reeves delivers as John wick... No doubt... I'm still waiting for Constantine 2..... Please make it happen...

Asybiel Seah
25 May 2019
Super awesome
I like how the movie ended so we can expect part 4. It's like a revolutionary. Ppl and john eivk uprising going against the high table thats just so [email protected]

Danish Putra
29 May 2019
Best Action Movie Ever
Despite being a trilogy, John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum is able to stand on it's own with it's action

Darlingg Aelzrieyanna
24 May 2019
Still the best
Part 1 & 2 best right ? Same goes for part 3 .. Best among the rest .. Worth the dollars and cents ..

14 June 2019
Another Great John Wick Movie
Another great John Wick movie! Not as good as the first installment, but still an interesting sequel. Looking forward to the next one already!

23 June 2019
Amazing movie
A exciting and awesome movie that keeps your eyes glued to the movie! Must watch! Lots of actions !!!

Donovan Teo
29 July 2019
Crazy Realistic Fight Scenes
John Wick is truly the legend. His fight style and gun actions are really real. This makes every fight scene super legit. I cannot wait to see him in action again soon. I wonder how the next movie will unfold given the twist at the end of the movie. This movie was definitely worth it.

Alloysius Quek
01 July 2019
He just can't stop killing!
Just when I thought it would be the final part to this sequel, it ended with thrilling and Unexpected story line. though there's to many back end story from John to serach for the elder of the high table.

Esther Kong
12 July 2019
Action packed
Get ready for some bloody, deadly killings in the many fight scenes. Definitely one of the most violent movie of the year.

23 May 2019
Great action as usual

21 May 2019
Beats endgame at weekend box office?
I like KR but i personally don't think that it's better than endgame.. surprised by the weekend box office result.. while watching the show, I recalled laughing cos I can see the stall, but where the opponents were waiting to be hit. The ' main character will never die' thingy is pretty prominent but KR did a great job in potraying that he's tired from all the fights and chasing in the movie!

Fion Moon
25 May 2019
Full of actions
Wow this is the 1st time I watched a hollywood movie with so much actions. Think 80% are actions and mind you, they're not child's play. Though the actions are much slower than typical HK movies, but I'll say the moves are very well choreographed. Pretty violent! Thumbs up to Keanu who did most of them himself!

Xitheng Yap
26 May 2019
Great fighting scenes and action
Good fighting scenes as usual, but making John wick slightly too over-powering in a sense. Rather predicatable storyline. Oh and enjoy the little humor sneaked into the lines every now and then. Good watch!

30 May 2019
Better than Chapter 2
Funny, more action, better story than 2. But judging from the ending, when is it going to end? Hahaha.

Udhaya Nattene Asheon
02 June 2019
John wick
I have been watched all the chapter’s is better worth of dollar ....must watch keanu acting is very good & fight seen & staring bike chase also very good visual ....

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