Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle Movie Poster

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

PG / English / Adventure / Family / Fantasy / NA

Director Jake Kasdan 
Cast Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas, Alex Wolff, Rhys Darby, Bobby Cannavale 
Release Date 21 December 2017


Tilak Benjamin Benith
16 December 2017
Perfect mix of Humour & Action throughout the 2 hours
A good adaptation of Jumanji with a perfect twist of the 21st century context. Humour was finely balanced with the action; keeping you at your feet throughout the movie. The Johnson-Hart Duo never fails to amaze me and that definitely kept the movie going.

18 December 2017
Funny show
Funny show which kept me entertained throughout. Thumbs up!

19 December 2017
Kekek la guys. Nerdy and cool at the same time - only at Jumanji!
Kekek la guys. Nerdy and cool at the same time - only at Jumanji! So its funny, nerdy and cool. Its also cute, with the school first love theme and innocent with just sloppy kisses. Going for second servings of this movie. Have fun y'all!

Chin Ching Wei
21 December 2017
Thoughts on the Movie
Good movie. Funny at the right moments and with a small touch of romance between the male and female leading characters.

19 December 2017
Kevin Hart and Jack Black nailed it!
Firstly, it was not a remake of the first Jumanji.. However this is equally good with loads of funny scenes and moments. This movie have got little “stages” in the game and more talking and conversational scenes between the characters but it’s these conversations that really made this movie a great movie to catch for friends and family with all the laughters and jokes!

CT Fatimah
15 December 2017
Loved it
The rock never failed me :)

Koh Ya Kun
24 December 2017
Really enjoyed it alot.

Ze Lin
23 December 2017
Great show for the family
Great family movie, lives up to the original movie

Quak Yong Sheng
22 December 2017
Very funny movie, MUST WATCH
This show is full of adventures and it is so funny! The cast played the characters out very well

23 December 2017
Awesome show! Totally love it!! I enjoyed my time laughing!!

22 December 2017
A show you will never want to miss!!
The show kept me entertained with non-stop laughter throughout the movie!! One of the best movies i have ever watched!

Julie Francisco Khoo
14 December 2017
Great Show
I extremely enjoyed the show. It was hilarious, entertaining & exciting. Great casting too.

19 December 2017
Fun-filled & interesting!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
A definite must watch this holiday!! Filled with many scenes that will make you laugh and yet capture your attention for the entire 2h. Action, adventure, comedy & fantastic cast/acting, what more can we ask for? Definitely had no regrets staying up late just to catch the show.

Xiaoman Jo
21 December 2017
Good family entertainment
It's filled with fun and humour, great movie for this season. We had good laughs

ZarNym Nin
18 December 2017
Action Comedy
Enjoyed the 3 main actors Johnson-Hart-Black!

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