K Seven Stories Episode 1 [R:B ~BLAZE~] (2018)

PG / Japanese / Anime / 64 min

K Seven Stories Episode 1 [R:B ~BLAZE~] Movie Poster
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Director: Shingo Suzuki
Cast: Kenjiro Tsuda Tomokazu Sugita Takahiro Sakurai
Release Date:  19 July, 2018
Running Time:  64 min


One year from Scepter 4's dissolution. While the growing HOMRA members run wild and reckless, many are frustrated with new Red King Mikoto Suoh's increasing power and the possibility of him erasing himself. A news report shows a new Blue King has awakened. Reisi Munakata quickly rebuilts Scepter 4 as the new king, and turns its focus on the confusing acts of HOMRA. The suffering fate of the Red King and the burning ideals of the Blue King. When young kings meet, a new battle will begin.
Spin-off Short Movie
Yashiro Isana and Kuroh Yatagomi, Mikoto Suoh and Misaki Yatta, Reisi Munakata and Saruhiko Fushimi, and Nagare Hisui and Yukari Mishakuji run four different entertainment offices and aim to produce idols - and of course, each group has different views on what an idol should be and how they ought to live.

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