L Storm (2018)

NC16 / Mandarin / Action / Crime / 90 min

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ICAC Investigator William Luk (Louis Koo) and JFIU Chief Inspector Lau Po-Keung (Julian Cheung) both hit a dead end in their investigation of a bribery case and a money laundering case. In the meantime, Luk was suspended when model Eva Ng (Stephy Tang) went to Inspector Kenny Ching (Kevin Cheng) of ICAC’s Internal Investigation Group L, to file a report against him for accepting a $12M bribe. Lau discovered that Luk was set up and whoever framed him was connected to the case. He began to suspect the bank manager Thomson Yau (Adam Pak) as an accomplice to Wong Hoi-Wo (Patrick Tam), a gangster involved in money laundering activities. When Director Hong Liang (Ding Hai-Feng) of China’s Anti-Corruption & Bribery Bureau (ACBB) provided Lau with crucial information, it became clear the money laundering activities were connected to a corrupted Vice-Ministerial Level cadre. To clear his name, Luk has to put everything on the line…

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L Storm Reviews

HG Chew
26 August 2018
A-listers Movie
Heart-pumping and full of actions, never had a dull moment in the show. Catch it if you want to see A-listers such as Louis Koo, Julian Cheung and Kevin Cheng!

24 August 2018
Not that good
I don’t quite enjoy watching this movie not like other previous sequels or usual HK movies. Action very boring and flat. Like typical cheap production movie.

Elaine Chang
5 September 2018
My favourite casts
This is one of the best movies I have watched. The plot is interesting and unpredictable. Besides the A-listers are all here!

Abbe Teoh
13 September 2018
Super stars
So many Super stars inside this movie. Still love the most Louis Koo. Never look old after so many years.

Lovelle Lee
30 August 2018
So So
Although is worth to watch in cinema with all those handsome hong kong actor, but the storyline is quite flat. Quite boring movie...

Janelle Leow
29 August 2018
Louis Koo is still so cool!
he is so cool in the movie. Ending i abit blur, nv say what happen to laughing gor no ending for him!!

28 August 2018
Louis koo hot as ever
Good to see much of louis koo. Interesting plot but ending was a bit f-cked up lol. How come they nvr activate sdu

27 August 2018
Lots of chasing
There are lots of running in this movie! Emotional elements don't seem to be present! But it's still great to see familiar faces. I really love Hong Kong movies!

30 August 2018
Generally, the movie is not so bad , but not as good as I had expected too... some parts are pretty boring but if you understand it’s not so bad after all... ;)

28 August 2018
This movie is okay, not that great. The action is okay and acting is okay. Surprisingly with A listers, this movie is underwhelming.

Jacky Lau Wai Loon
16 September 2018
Another good Chinese movie
The plot was good. Action movie, marking people wanting to know who's the one; unpredictable. Watched twice

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