Lee Chong Wei (2018)

P13 / Mandarin / Sports / 125 min

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Director: Teng Bee
Cast: Tosh Chan Jake Eng Ashley Hua Rosyam Nor Yeo Yann Yann Mark Lee Freddie Wong Bernard Hiew
Release Date:  2018-03-15 00:00:00
Running Time:  125 min
Distributor:  GSC Movies


Biopic on Malaysia’s badminton icon Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei, who was born in a poor family. Starting with his early years as an aspiring young badminton player from Bukit Mertajam, all the way to becoming a world champion.

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Lee Chong Wei Reviews

Ivan Poh
15 March 2018
Unexpectedly Good Movie
1. Movie production was excellent, good cinematography, setting, directing, casting and many more. Way better than some South East Asia movie produced. See it to believe it. 2. Good storyline, can make your eyes wet! Legit! 3. Inspirational, if you like badminton, you might train even harder after this movie. Giving it a 5 star because it's really worth your money. Although some parts of the badminton play was a little cringing. Conclusively, do not underestimate this movie. Enjoy!

Skye Guo
16 March 2018
Quite a good and enjoyable movie to watch, especially for Badminton fans

17 March 2018
Enjoyable movie
Surprisingly a good movie to watch

sally chu
15 March 2018
look very exciting
would bring family member to see this sport movies

David Toh
18 March 2018
Inspiring movie
It’s in a way a rags to riches story on how a kampung boy makes it to a world champion. It’s inspiring as anyone can find themselves in the same shoes even though a different scenario. The ups and downs of life, the determination not to give up. The passion and hunger for what we fought for. It’s a battle to be the best as you can be. On that count, it’s a worthy show to watch. In terms of cinematography, it’s fantastic. You could say the standard has improved so much that we might be on par with Asia. The plot is good and actors and actresses take great pains to emulate the players. It’s almost we are seeing the real players themselves when they are young. The action scenes are a little disappointing due to my personal expectation is being set too high. I had expected them to show the same skill levels of a professional player when they are actors by default. Nonetheless, they are able to recreate the atmosphere and adrenaline. That’s a great job.

Dare to watch
14 March 2018
Amazing motivational stories that will encourage us to overcome the tough& difficult times. I like his fighting spirit

20 March 2018
Lee Chong Wei
Inspiring and 2 thumbs up. Will watch again.

ZhengYu Lzy
19 March 2018
It's actually unexpectedly good. Matches seems real and exciting!

Isaac Ang Shi Ming
19 March 2018
Very insightful movie

24 March 2018
Very nice
Worth to watch. Nice movie.

Joseph Wong
28 March 2018
Worst movie ever for me!
Worst movie ever! 1 Star! Boring!

Loo Kit Qin
27 March 2018
Inspiring at first
Badminton scenes so badly done. LCW is awesome though

Jared Neo
20 March 2018

*movie time*
7 April 2018
The Legendary Badminton Hero - Lee Chong Wei!
This is a heart-warming movie. It tells the story sincerely and detailed (from young as a child, his family, his wife, how he almost gave up, he continued his dreams, he worked hard for it and eventually to success). The hardship of a sportsman! Touching movie and worth to watch~ The match between Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei was really exciting! He really made Malaysia proud! Malaysia boleh~

Christofle yeo
15 April 2018
Better than expected
To be honest I didn’t expect a lot from a show about the biggest name in badminton history. I watched it hesitantly after reading some comments and I was impressed at the making of the movie. Actors were good and the emotional play was effective. Impressed at how it turned out.

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