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Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil

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Director Joachim Rønning 
Cast Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Michelle Pfeiffer, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sam Riley, Harris Dickinson, Ed Skrein, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple, Lesley Manville 
Release Date 17 October 2019


21 October 2019
Evil No
Great movie. More killings though. May cause horror to the really young ones..haha. Michelle is as good as ever. It was a bit painful to watch Angelina’s cheekbones though :)

Jolyn Tan
20 October 2019
Best movie ever
I really love the ending and the plot was really well made. Acting skills superb!!!! Love Angelina jolie acting!! Keep it up I love this movie a lot

Anthony Malngiang Rj
01 November 2019
I like the story
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Zani Polo Able
22 October 2019
Lovely it
That's Awesome! Love it love it lovely touching loved love it That's Awesome! Love it love it lovely touching loved love it That's Awesome! Love it love it lovely touching loved love it That's Awesome! Love it love it lovely touching loved love it

Mike Teng
27 October 2019
Beautiful Cosplay by A.Jolie
A.Jolie ,M.Pfieffer,S.Riley totally nailed the whole show.others acting was so stiff. Princess seems go to Sichuan learn bianlian before ,so fast turn against his God mother.Many plot holes especially the ending remind me games of thrones.

Belinda Lim HS
21 November 2019
Overall movie
Wow wow wow! The movie is funny and very nice. Though it's predictable, it never fails me. I like the most is near to the ending part. Their acting is awesome!

23 October 2019
The storyline was entertaining, relevant and exciting. Great casting, costumes and graphic effects too. I enjoyed this as much as the first sequel.

Siti Umairah
23 November 2019
It's a good movie. Acting, visual, plot is all good. Would definitely recommend to watch. Value for money.

Jie Ying
23 October 2019
The background effects of the cinema is very good or should say excellent for my overall experience in cathay.

Dare to watch
17 October 2019
It’s An Emotional Journey
Rønning imbibes the film with a darker tone and feel than the film that preceded it. Michelle Pfeiffer's lines are more awkward and cringe-inducing than funny.

18 October 2019
Yes! to AJ and MP
I am bias cos I think anything with AJ in there is magnificent. So even though the storyline is predictable, like it nonetheless

James CCG
20 November 2019
Wonderful visual effects. Interesting storyline. Strong performances from the cast. Overall, a good family movie!

Suann Fong Shoo Chin
03 November 2019
An interesting show
It is so enjoyable to see Angelina Jolie in this show. I like the colourful scenes of the little fairies too.

27 October 2019
Movie review
The story line is very interesting , the quality of the movie is also very clear. Great experience watching!

Darren Ksy
23 October 2019
This movie is very nice to watch , I love this movie very much, it very interesting to watch.

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