Thor: Ragnarok Movie Poster

Thor: Ragnarok

PG13 / English / Action / Drama / Fantasy / 130 min

Director Taika Waititi 
Cast Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett, Idris Elba, Jeff Goldblum, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Hopkins 
Release Date 26 October 2017


Solomon Tay Chong
27 October 2017
Extremely Engaging!!!
The all time marvel Blockbuster Thor has never been a disappointment and this time, it is no exception. The movie begins with Thor (Chris Hemsworth), the God Of Thunder trying to stop Ragnarok, the end of all things. In the midst of doing all of that, his hammer got crushed by his older sister, Hela, the Goddess Of Death. Thor then tries to stop Hela from destroying everything with his (assumed dead) brother, Loki and some other allies they found on the way. The show has a lot of laughter and fun compared to the other movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). So those mcu fans out there, if you are looking for a mix of some comedy and action, this is the movie! The flow of the story is also fantastic as it tells the history of Hela, the goddess of death and how she fought for asguard alongside her father odin. Overall, the movie has a very good balance of comedy and action and is very engaging. Just be prepared to laugh your hearts out while enjoying all the fighting ;) Be sure to watch this movie Marvel & DC Fanatics! Watch it, you'll LOVE IT!

Tan Yong Jian
24 October 2017
Best thor movie
I never really liked the first 2 Thor movies but this one was really fun. It's a hilarious movie that is quite fun as well to how some characters behave. As usual, the cameo of Stan Lee is hilarious. Very enjoyable and a fun ride to this movie.

Simon Xi Meng
28 October 2017
Best superhero movie this year
It's not hard to predict that the upcoming DC justice league will suffer another crushing defeat which ultimately makr this Thor: Ragnarok the best superhero movie in 2017. All I wanna comment on this movie is that it worth every penny and totally worth the 2 hours of fun and laughter. Brilliant~

Calvin Foo
26 October 2017
More than 5 stars !
Unexpected humorous and fun Marvel movie! Cool and witty Hela, comical Thor and Loki and the cute and petty Hulk!

Xiong Rong
26 October 2017
Great move by Marvel for hiring Taika Waititi. Funny and doesn't take itself to seriously. One of the best Marvel movie for a long time in term of comedy.

Alan Ng
29 October 2017
Funny and exciting
This movie is both funny and exciting. The only flaw is the hasty and abrupt ending. Don't want to spoil anything so, just go watch for yourself

Tiffany Gui
30 October 2017
don’t miss it!
marvel does it again! really exciting instalment to the marvel franchise and has a rly good dose of action, humour and is just an A+ overall

Nicole Ng
29 October 2017
awesome movie
hilarious, much better than the first two! action-packed till the end, and note there are two post credit scenes

Cate Chew
28 October 2017
It was not only humorous but also extremely interesting! I love it:)) It’s the best movie I’ve ever watched. It is very possible for someone to laugh to death, watching this amazing movie. I can’t wait till the next Thor comes out! HOPE IT’LL BE JUST AS GOOD OR EVEN BETTER:)))

ZarNym Nin
26 October 2017
It has lots of laughter for everybody.Enjoyed it.

Muhammad Muzhaffar
26 October 2017
Not your normal Thor movie
When you expect Thor to be godly and all dead serious, this sequel will leave you laughing at silly jokes. Nonetheless, great build up to the next Avengers movie!

Suhaila Suhaimin
26 October 2017
Worth your money! Trust me it’s a must to watch! Kinda impromptu but i swear this movie is totally different & it’s full of laughter. Catch it to believe it! Perfect 9.5/10!

26 October 2017
Loved it!!!
I extremely enjoyed the movie. I like the humour too. The actors did a fantastic job. It was truly an amazing & impressive cinematography.

Shunsho Heng
29 October 2017
So amazing
I loved the movie so much. It had a great story line and it was so funny. I would watch this thor multiple times

30 October 2017
It really breaks free from the marvel formula and chris is really hot

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