Mary And The Witch's Flower Movie Poster

Mary And The Witch's Flower

PG / Japanese / Anime / 103 min

Director John G. Avildsen 
Cast Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita, Elisabeth Shue 
Release Date 12 October 2017


Delaina Karuppiah
21 October 2017
Studio Ponoc does things right
When I heard that Hayao Miyazaki was retiring I was heartbroken. My heart can now rest easy knowing that Studio Ponoc continues to produces heartwarming films that strike home the way the Studio Ghibli ones do. I’d say that Mary and the Witch’s Flower is even better than some of the lesser titles from Ghibli. This movie ranks up there with Laputa Castle in the Sky and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind for me! A must watch for Ghibli and animation fans!

CT Fatimah
31 October 2017
Japanese anime is always the best ;)

Chloe Mimi
20 October 2017

Ng Xue Wen
14 October 2017

Thomas Beh
21 September 2017
Magical flower story
I saw this in Japan without English subtitles. It's your run of the mill magical flower, big nose old witch, creepy man with sunglasses, young innocent girl story. Still quite exciting and amazing even if you can't understand what they say. After a while I figured one of the characters' name is Me-u-ri (Mary).

16 October 2017
Enchanting movie
Fantastic movia but not as nice as Kiki's delivery. But it will bring us lots of memories of Studio Ghibli's movie. I.e kiki's delivery, laputa's castle in the sky,etc.

Sarah Goh
18 October 2017
This movie
Really good! Should watch

Stephanie Ho
24 October 2017
Reminds me of Harry Potter
The magical school concept reminds me of Harry Potter. The animation reminds of ghibili studio works but not in equal quality. Overall it is entertaining. Glad that they put on more detailing of the emotions of the characters.

Dare to watch
15 October 2017
For longtime Ghibli fans
Love the hand-painted and the stunning visuals and lush backgrounds. Yes for me as I like to explore Children’s fantasy adventure.

Aapp Pan
23 October 2017

Rachel Gan
15 November 2017
Reminds me of spirited away

John Huang
02 November 2017

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