Mile 22 (2018)

M18 / English / Action / Adventure / NA

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An elite American intelligence officer, aided by a top-secret tactical command unit, tries to smuggle a mysterious police officer with sensitive information out of the country.

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Mile 22 Reviews

Shao Cong Lim
19 August 2018
Average Action Movie with a Twist
The typical action packed film, with a very unexpected twist at the end. Definitely worth watching..

Justin Choong
18 August 2018
Mark Wahlberg never fails to deliver, especially action movies e.g. Shooter, Lone Survivor etc. Partnered with Iko Uwais, famous for The Raid 1 & 2, Headshot; and also Ronda Rousey, be prepared for an action packed film with a solid storyline that keeps your fists clenched throughout. Thoroughly enjoyed the show!

David Lee
21 August 2018
Action packed. From start to end. Definitely worth watching. Dun miss the ending. Good story. Mark Wahlberg best movie so far.

James CCG
20 August 2018
Nice movie with lots of action & explosions. Fast-paced with an interesting storyline. Not your usual espionage movie.

5 September 2018
Surprising Twist
A really cool action packed movie with great acting and a surprising twist of events! Really enjoyed it.

27 August 2018
This movie is action packed however not special. It is enough to be entertaining and okay but it's not wow.

21 August 2018
Mile 22
Full pack action movie with an interesting twist. Iko Uwais totally slayed in this movie. Worth watching. Can't wait for part II.

Wesley Wong
18 August 2018
Somewhat similar to movie S.W.A.T
Interesting plot especially the fighting scene by Lees (one of the character). The whole story revolves around the Special Team and the informant — how they transport him (22 Miles) to the evacuation point. A twist at the end where it was all a set-up.

Mohamed Hasif
31 August 2018
This movie will give you a headache
Convoluted plot that is only saved by Wahlberg’s convincing and intriguing performance as a mentally unsound master assassin. But if you’re into over the top military operations, this is the movie for you

30 August 2018
Action packed
Quite enjoyed it. Though a bit bloody & violent. Great fighting skill. One of Mark Wahlberg's best films for action so far. Worth watching.

Muhd Nur
28 August 2018
Not for the boring john
Confusing, alot of twist and a need to focus while watching. Not a typical action pak film like Mission Impossible etc. Great rare type of movie.

22 August 2018
Good and full actions
For those who like action, this is the movie you have to watch- and can’t miss it!! Story wise, relatively fine with some twists, though beginning part a bit of nowhere to go.

Asybiel Seah
20 August 2018
Best government coruption movie
Finally a legit movie in the end where the bad guy wins. Too bad gotta wait for 2nd part to be out which will be quite awhile.

Kensho Heng
19 August 2018
Good action movie
Very intense movie, full of action non stop and good plot overall, recommend to watch for a good action movie

Dare to watch
16 August 2018
Action packed.
As usual Mark Wahlberg was great. The fight scenes were very creative and exciting. Brutal and fast paced. The camera work is intriguing and convincing whose credit goes to Berg's experience.

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