Mojin: The Worm Valley Movie Poster

Mojin: The Worm Valley

PG13 / Mandarin / Action / Adventure / 111 min

Director Fei Xing 
Cast Cai Heng, Gu Xuan, Yu Heng, Chen Yusi, Ma Yuke, Cheng Taishen 
Release Date 10 January 2019


Dare to watch
08 January 2019
Violent mayhem
Violent mayhem. This film definitely takes you on an adventure in many ways like you would on a role playing video game. Impressive and godawful CGI. Plenty of gorgeous rendered settings. Filmed in Yunnan

M Wen Bin
13 January 2019
Terrible movies
Bunch of fake reviews made me watch it. Save ur 2 hours of cringing. Shitty plot and terrible execution. Graphics are the only good thing in this movie. The worm valley as it is called and I only seem 2 worms, not that the worm matters but the whole story was such a badly executed piece of trash. Super Long prologue which didn’t really make any sense. Draggy scenes which doesn’t have any depth. Whole show was only monsters after monsters , collecting a rewards, bad melodramas scenes and leaving audiences cursing at the movie and the end. So guys save your money and stream it online or just skip it all together or watch the 2015 show though it has no link. And oh this show was to find the stone to save themselves from a curse. But after getting the stupid stone. The show ends without the curse breaking . Like WTF!!!

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