Mortal Engines Movie Poster

Mortal Engines

PG / English / Action / Adventure / NA

Director Christian Rivers 
Cast Hugo Weaving, Hera Hilmar, Robert Sheehan, Jihae 
Release Date 06 December 2018


Tey Kok Liang
29 December 2018
Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!/

03 January 2019
Reflection of the world now or what it’s becoming
Somehow, the show reminded me of reality. A world whereby the rich/strong will continue to be strong or rich(if not better). Minimal romance but I like the comradeship demonstrated and the actions! Betrayal, loyalty, power, victimisation, ambition. You have it all in this show.

June Tan
15 January 2019
10 / 10 would watch this again !

Priscilla Jigoku Shoujo Lay
07 December 2018
Our world in the future?
What I like about this film is that it could very well be our world in the future- the part on having to scavenge for resources and having to kill in order to survive. And the main culprit for such a tragedy- Us humans.

Dare to watch
06 December 2018
Breath-taking visuals
Based on a best-seller in the YA fiction. Gorgeous frames (cinematography by Simon Raby) and terrific special effects, that make it stand out from the rest of the ilk.

09 December 2018
Fantasy or reality?
A fine line between fantasy and reality, it maybe our reality in the future. Their acting is good, storyline is abit weak but is good enough.

Elaine Chang
07 December 2018
Mind blowing
An adventurous and exciting movie for this holiday. Excellent effects and interesting storyline. Good to jio our friends to watch this movie.

*movie time*
11 December 2018
Good Watch
The acting skills is fantastic. The visual effects and actions are good too. Really enjoy the movie. Worth it!

Teddy Rufus
10 December 2018
Very exciting movie
Something completely different for a futuristic movie with many old components. Visual effect is stunning and I would recommend everyone to catch it... I would treasure my iPhone now.. Haha

Juliana H.
11 December 2018
Another post apocalyptic movie.
The cinematography looks good, if you can be impressed by the details in the background, despite all the predominant dark grey, black and brown tones everywhere. The post apocalyptic storyline is nothing new, though the mobile machine cities and fortresses are quite interesting but also unrealistic. Acting is average. Can watch if you are into Sci-fi movies.

Keon Teh
15 January 2019
Pretty good
I thought I caught the entire movie while watching the trailer, entered the cinema with zero expectations and was blown away. Very impressed with the CGI (a lot better than Aquaman hahaha). Nice storyline and development in the characters too. Would definitely catch the sequel if there is any, which also means I’m now a fan of the movie! Bravo.

12 December 2018
Amazing visual effect
Easy but strong storyline to follow, and fantastic visual effect would capture your attention from the very beginning. Some of the actings could’ve been stronger, but overall it’s a big screen movie for sure!

Stanley Ng Wee Tee
21 December 2018
The landscapes were breathtaking and rather spectacular but unfortunately the story was rather draggy but overall it is still worth a watch

Xitheng Yap
27 December 2018
Ok watch
Rather interesting concept but story is average and predictable. Enjoy the action during the entire 2h duration.

07 January 2019
liked it.
i liked the movie. but it makes you think. and for people who dont enjoy that then this movie is not for you.

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