Net-I-Die (2018)

NC16 / Thai / Horror / Thriller / 86 min

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Director: Weeratham Preedee, Nuttachai Jiraanont
Cast: Kachai Pich Klai-Udom Sarantorn Chicha Amatayakul Patara Eksangkul
Release Date:  2018-03-22 00:00:00
Running Time:  86 min
Distributor:  MM2 Entertainment


Net idols that have been celebrated in the past. Have launched their own brand cosmetics. And have gathered the most popular net idol today to be the adverts. To display a dazzling review of their cosmetics. But then the horror story. When the presenter, but everyone and everyone related to cosmetics. Can not find the cause And everyone is killed through the horrific Live video channel, so she has to go out and find the answer. Along with the terrible face This horror movie. It will be told through social media we touch and use every day. It is an important factor in the life that is indispensable. But it is going to die. And the breath of the people who use it. To share the death of the dead The body of a beautiful person .. not as beautiful as you think!

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Net-I-Die Reviews

23 March 2018
worst movie
waste money only! The “ GHOST “ in the movie which was like not even scary at all like the ghost had glitters in her face and like sometimes the ghost is black and sometimes it’s not ??? MAKE UP UR MIND

Wendy Hung
27 March 2018
Boring Movie
It'a not scary. Only sound effect very loud. Story line not interesting at all. Most of the parts already shown on trailer though. Waste my money.

Sarah Mae Azhar
27 March 2018
The idea of the movie was great but the ghost in the movie wasn’t really that scary . It was a stupid movie

sally chu
25 March 2018
comment not gd
comment not so gd might not see

Elvin Xie
22 March 2018
Not bad !
Sound effect too scary for weak hearts

*movie time*
29 March 2018
Good Effort To Combine Horror With Internet Trolling
Some good effort to the pop up scary scenes and creepy sound effects~ Storyline not bad! General focus of the story - for the vendors (the professional ethnics when selling products) and for the internet viewers (stop cyberbullying)! Suggest can watch the movie offline.

Redigu Liew
6 April 2018
Nice movie
I like this movie very much

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