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'Murder On The Orient Express': Your Personal Casefile

By Moses
'Murder On The Orient Express': Your Personal Casefile

When one of the world’s most prolific sleuths decides to board a lavish sleeper train from Istanbul to London, little did he know that he’ll be checking in for the deadliest ride of his life. 

In new mystery drama Murder on the Orient Express, one of the passengers on the train is murdered and it’s up to Detective Hercule Poirot to find the killer among a carriage full of other passengers, one of whom is guilty of the crime. But he’s going to need all the help he can get.

Luckily, we have uncovered a manifest of who’s who on the choo-choo. Will you help him solve the case? Don’t let these famous faces fool you – everyone is a suspect.


The Detective – Hercule Poirot

Alias: Kenneth Branagh

Well-known activities: Commander Bolton in Dunkirk, also director of the movie, Cinderella and Thor

Description: The Belgian detective who investigates the murder


The Gangster – Samuel Ratchett

Alias: Johnny Depp

Well-known activities: Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean

Description: An American passenger who believes his life is in danger


The Assistant – Hector MacQueen

Alias: Josh Gad

Well-known activities: LeFou in Beauty and the Beast; Voice of Olaf in Frozen

Description: An intelligent and likable guy who is the personal assistant of Ratchett


The Butler – Edward Masterman

Alias: Derek Jacobi

Well-known activities: The King in Cinderella

Description: An extremely polite valet to Ratchett who would never betray his employer’s confidence


The Governess – Mary Debenham

Alias: Daisy Ridley

Well-known activities: Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Description: A young and unmarried woman who is a governess to two children in Baghdad


The Widow – Caroline Hubbard

Alias: Michelle Pfeiffer

Well-known activities: Woman in Mother!; Catwoman in Batman Returns

Description: An outspoken American widow who is well-educated and brash


The Professor – Gerhard Hardman

Alias: Willem Dafoe

Well-known activities: Ballard in The Great Wall; Green Goblin in Spider-Man

Description: A stern German professor who keeps to himself while keeping an eye on everyone else


The Missionary – Pilar Estravados

Alias: Penelope Cruz

Well-known activities: Angelica in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Description: A humble Spanish missionary and nurse


The Princess – Natalia Dragomiroff

Alias: Judi Dench

Well-known activities: M in James Bond; Queen Victoria in Victoria and Abdul

Description: An elegant and aristocratic Russian princess


The Maid – Hildegarde Schmidt

Alias: Olivia Colman

Well-known activities: Angela Burr in TV’s The Night Manager

Description: A extremely devoted maid to Princess Dragomiroff for many years


The Doctor – John Arbuthnot

Alias: Leslie Odom Jr.

Well-known activities: Aaron Burr in Broadway musical Hamilton

Description: A witty and charming gentleman


The Count – Rudolph Andrenyi

Alias: Sergei Polunin

Well-known activities: Award-winning Ukrainian ballet dancer

Description: A count who travels luxuriously on a Hungarian diplomatic passport and is fiercely protective of his wife


The Countess – Helena Andrenyi

Alias: Lucy Boynton

Well-known activities: Raphina in Sing Street

Description: A beautiful and timid woman who maintains elegant fashions


The Salesman – Biniamino Marquez

Alias: Manuel Garcia-Rulfo

Well-known activities: Vasquez in The Magnificent Seven

Description: An incredibly self-assured and cocky car salesman


The Conductor – Pierre Michel

Alias: Marwan Kenzari

Well-known activities: Malik in The Mummy

Description: The hardworking conductor of the Orient Express who aims to keep his passengers safe

Photocredit @ 20th Century Fox

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