Seobok (2021)

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Former intelligence agent Ki-hun, who lives a secluded life as a  result of a traumatic memory, is entrusted by his former boss with  a secret mission to transfer humanity’s first cloned human, Seobok,  to a safe location. However, the mission goes awry when the  convoy is ambushed by unknown attackers. Ki-hun and Seobok  manage to escape together, but struggle awaits them around every  corner as Seobok has spent his entire life in a lab and is fascinated  by the outside world while Ki-hun only wants to complete his  mission as soon as possible. As the two repeatedly butt heads,  various groups with conflicting agendas chase after Seobok, who is  humanity’s greatest salvation but also its greatest threat. When the  enemy finally closes in, Ki-hun and Seobok are forced to make the  inevitable choice.

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