Silver Shorts (2019)

PG / English / Mandarin / Dialects / Drama / Comedy / 77 min

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Singapore Silver Shorts consist of two new commissions—Love in a Convenience Store by Png Zhen Yu and New Bike by Kannan Vijayakumar —that will make their world premiere at the festival. You will also get to watch curated Silver Shorts Ellie Ngim’s Run, Chicken, Run, Ng Xinmin’s Longevity Peach and Eric Khoo’s Cinema, a total of five shorts in one screening. Total runtime is 77mins.

Love in a Convenience Store
An elderly couple reignites their romance at the convenience store. This light-hearted drama comedy stars veteran actors Marcus Chin and Goh Guat Kian.

Selvam, a jaded 65 year old retired bank officer feels isolated after scrapping his car which was his only companion. After a few stumbles to fill this void, Selvam finds a new lease of life when he makes the best out of an unlikely birthday present – an electric scooter.

Cinema is a nostalgic short film about the golden age of the Singapore film industry in the ’50s, which pooled together the multicultural clout of Chinese producers, Indian technicians and Malay creatives. Featuring actress Nadiah M. Din, this short film pays homage to the classic Pontianak (1957), which jumpstarted the Southeast Asian horror genre.

Longevity Peach
During her school holidays, Claire is left in the care of her grandmother, whom she has not met in years. At first, the two struggle to communicate due to language barriers. However, Claire eventually learns Teochew to bridge the gap and comes to embrace her cultural roots.

Run, Chicken, Run
"No matter how far or fast you run, I will always catch you!" In this heartwarming short film, a father and daughter pair keep up their annual Chinese New Year tradition – playing tag while dressed in animal costumes. Will the dog catch the chick in time for their reunion dinner?

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