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During an adventure into a dark criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his future copilot Chewbacca and encounters Lando Calrissian years before joining the Rebellion.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story Reviews

Adrian Ho
24 May 2018
Good Story with Stylistic Issues
Solo had a good story, but it just didn’t feel like Star Wars to me. Star Wars is very unique in its style and Solo felt like a Sci-Fi movie but not a Star Wars Movie. In my opinion, the film reminded me of Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 in its stylistic elements and there’s one scene that screams Guardians Of The Galaxy to me. Also, it felt as though the film uses nostalgia as too much of a crutch. It kept hitting you over the face with Millenium Falcon, Han’s Lucky Dice, Chewbacca. I understand that it is a prequel movie exploring how Han Solo became Han Solo, but it felt like it was being a little too cheeky and pandering a little too much to the audience. However, it is still a fun movie to watch, with exciting sequences and interesting characters. I would still recommend the movie, especially for Star Wars fans.

Shih Ying Gun
28 May 2018
No solo act here
A nice lil prequel to showcase the origins story of Hans Solo, this movie goes beyond focusing solely on Solo but also encompasses some other essential background stories and characters. Packed with the usual Star Wars fanfare, this may not necessarily be the best movie that the franchise has yet to offer but it is certainly fresh and entertaining enough to keep up to viewers' expectations...

Xiong Rong
24 May 2018
Well Well Well
Well i went in with somewhat low expectation but to my surprise it was actually great, in facts i love it and the general tone of the movie is what make it special. Old is new again with some twist and some great special effects, go and watch it and i am sure you will love it.

James CCG
27 May 2018
Thumbs up!
A worthy addition to the Star Wars franchise. Excellent cast of actors. Full of sci-fi action sequences with that familiar ‘Han Solo’ witty humour.

30 May 2018
Entertaining, but not amazing.
Solo definitely outclasses TFA and TLJ, but frails in comparison to Rogue One. Solo has it’s brilliant action sequences, a few good quips, stunning performances from the actors and very good character development. But it’s flawed-some jokes felt wooden and stale, the plot was predictable and lackluster, pacing was so-so and the tone of the film feels discombulated and awkward due to clashing visions of Lord and Miller and Howard. Overall, it’s mediocre. It balances it’s good moments and bad moments. I would recommend it to Star Wars fans, but those not interested in Star Wars can give this one a miss.

28 May 2018
Great movie!
Love love love this show! Full of actions and the plot is amazing. Would love to see if there's upcoming movie for this

27 May 2018
Not what I expected.
The movie was great. Had some references the the other star wars movies. It's a blast! Loved Han and Chewie!

25 May 2018
Of all Star Wars movie, I would say that this is the best! The plot was carried out so well, makes me wanna go watch again ><

29 May 2018
Cringe worthy at times
Cringe worthy references at times with not much explaination. Interesting and many plot twist after repetition plot twist but overall still one of the better star wars.

Mohamed Hasif
11 June 2018
Surprisingly decent
As a star wars fan, this was not the movie we were hoping for, but this is the movie we got. With that said, it was a surprisingly pleasant watch getting to see how Han Solo became the iconic character we knew him to be.

10 June 2018
2 hour movie that felt like 20min
For a non Star Wars fan, this was an incredibly entertaining film that felt much more energetic than the previous few. Also Emilia Clarke. What's not to like??

Lim Meng Teck
5 June 2018
Must See
Must see movie for all Star Wars fans! Even if you are not, it is still an excellent movie not to be missed! Surprise story plot.. . Highly recommended !

Shunsho Heng
3 June 2018
Really good movie. Had an amazing storyline and was much better than the last jedi. Storyline was well built and was very interesting

30 May 2018
Alden Ehrenreich is quite cute:)
Vision is not dead!!! So is Gamora... although she died a second time again... young Han Solo is really cute!!

Juliana H.
26 July 2018
Qira stole the show for me!
Overall, the movie is exciting and informative as a character origin story. Qira being Han&#039;s first love and plus the sacrifices she did, it is kind of weird that the way he falls for Leia years later, is like Qira never meant so much to him. A bit disconnected on the romance part. How Han met Chewbecca and Lando are interesting to watch. Casual movie goers can follow the plot easily and enjoy this movie too.

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