Tag (2018)

M18 / English / Comedy / 101 min

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One month every year, five highly competitive friends hit the ground running for a no-holds-barred game of tag -- risking their necks, their jobs and their relationships to take one another down. This time, the game coincides with the wedding of the only undefeated player. What should be an easy target soon becomes an all-out war as he knows they're coming to get him.

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24 June 2018
OH my Gosh, this movie got me going and laughing almost non stop! And all these based on true story?! How great!

Wei Jun Khoe
24 June 2018
Funny as hell
I've never laughed so hard for quite some time. The actions and plot twists were pretty funny and unecpected.

Keenan .H
24 June 2018
Fun yet with a meaning movie
Wanted to rate 3.5 stars but there isnt half a star choice Nevertheless , this is a fun movie to watch. And it make you thinking , this Tag game keep a group of friendship together after all this years. It is not only a kiddo game . It is also a healthy game for adults too. After watching this movie , i have a rush of organising this game with my friends ...

Boi-Funky Ripzter
22 June 2018
Fun but depends on individual!!
Slightly funny & intriguing as it's based on a true story. The Tag game has indeed a meaningful purpose in playing the game. But i do feel that the movie could have been much better though i don't regret watching it.

6 July 2018
Funny but not funniest
Ok movie to watch and quite worth it. Funny though a bit over too much sometimes which cannot be real in life.

Jumpin Jesus
3 July 2018
Super Hilarious
Hilarious from start to end. Great action sequences and a very different storyline from common comedy movies.

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