Terminator: Dark Fate Movie Poster

Terminator: Dark Fate

NA / English / Action / Adventure / Science Fiction / NA

Director Tim Miller 
Cast Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna, Natalia Reyes, Diego Boneta 
Release Date 24 October 2019


Andrew Wee
29 October 2019
A must watch for Terminator Fan
A surprising action movie that feels better than the other Terminator movies since Terminator 2. Linda Hamilton protrayal of Sarah Connor is much better than the others, after all she is the original. Action, Computer graphics, Human interaction is great. This movie is able to stitch the new timeline and future Terminator movies convincingly. Do watch this.

Siti hawa
12 November 2019
Action packed show that had me on the edge of my seat
This show was packed to the brim with action, as expected. I’m not one for action movies but my bf who has high standards for action shows thoroughly enjoyed watching this. It was action packed from start to finish.

Gavin Chen
05 November 2019
Great follow up!
Such a great follow up film that continue origin story from Terminator 2. With much action packed scene but slight rushed to conclude the ending. Else much of the film are great!

One-e Shoe
08 November 2019
A slightly better Terminator film
As usual, can't really expect much deviation of the story from the usual Terminator movies. However, the actors were good so it was overall still an enjoyable experience.

James CCG
07 November 2019
Don’t want to spoil the excitement. Great effects & storyline with lots of action sequences. You have to be a Terminator fan to really appreciate this one.

Demitri Muhammed
25 October 2019
Awesome movie
The best action movie that never leaves you off your seat. Well directed, I think a must see for all terminator fans throughout the world.

04 November 2019
Good comeback
Overall a nice movie with the cast and plot given. Enjoy this action movie very much. Worth the 2 hours spent in this movieb

Korshim Ziro Lim
07 November 2019
This’s dope
Go. Watch. It. NOW. This’s pretty darn good. All round great actors, actresses, good ol’ story plot (as usual).

07 November 2019
Action packed.
If you love action movie, you should never miss this!

Dare to watch
25 October 2019
Quite exciting and affecting
Arnie is mournfully funny, Linda Hamilton is superb: Sarah is battle-weary and paranoid. With impressive action set-pieces and elaborate car chases.

27 October 2019
I was expecting more
The movie is ok. However for the past few years they have ruined this amazing franchise! I am a huge fan of Terminator series. They should create a solid storyline to continue with the previous. Unfortunately they're just creating new alternative timelines.

02 November 2019
So 'terminator'
Mackenzie Davis & Gabriel luna are freaking cool in this one. Personally, I think some scenes on Sarah Connor are a bit too deliberate/redundant. =p

Daniel Yeow
15 November 2019
Please go watch! Remind me of why the first terminator is so good and original. This is a reminiscent!

27 October 2019
Repeat storyline
Expect to have more new ideas but turn out its just another Terminator movie with similar stroyline as Terminator. Action is good but storyline is so so.

Mike Teng
28 October 2019
Please stop making franchise agin
Very excited that Cameron take back the copyright and remake again but It's like same old wine put in a different packaging. It's like watching the part 1 and 2 again.Story can't convince me,weak character.the enemy ability should kill the lead actor immediately but his appearing is very clearly to keep the story dragging forward.Darkness confuse fighting ,CGI not that great, lame jokes .Very disappointed.

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