The Antique Shop (2022)

NA / Thai / / 90 Mins

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This horror anthology tells the stories of three men. The first is Wadi, an Indonesian migrant working for a criminal gang in Thailand. One day, he falls into the hands of a rival gang. As he is tied up to a chair in a deserted building, he has a find a way to escape both the gang members and the ghosts of the building. The second is Ryan, who gifts his new beau a pretty bracelet. However, the bracelet leads him down a path that ends with him getting arrested. When he is in the police station, he meets and is forced to confront a shapeless evil spirit. Finally, an exchange student from Korea named Song is bullied by 3 Thai classmates. Song returns to his homeland with vengeance, and forms a plan to invite the three to a birthday party where he will get his revenge on them.

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