The Bridge Curse Movie Poster

The Bridge Curse

NA / Mandarin / / NA

Director Lester Hsi 
Cast JC Lin, Vera Yen, Summer Meng, Ning Chang 
Release Date 13 July 2020


Gary Goh
13 August 2020
Not bad
Every 4 years, on leap year 29th February, 5 person will die while one survive. The survivor have to endure 4 years before helping the demon kill another 5 person. One of the 5 kills could be the survivor by allowing one victim to kill him. However the next survivor have to endure the same fate of nightmare. In the modern world, a reporter investigate what happened and realized her colleague was the survivor trying to kill the next 5 people. The movie ends indicating there will be another sequel to this movie. Overall the movie isn’t bad. Just don’t put high expectation to it.

Demitri Muhammed
15 July 2020
Gd movie
I love the plot of this movie. It was very intresting. This movie has lots of twist and turn. I will recommend everybody to watch it.

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