The Crucifixion (2017)

M18 / English / Horror / Mystery / Thriller / 99 min

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(26 Reviews)

Director: Xavier Gens
Cast: Sophie Cookson Corneliu Ulici Brittany Ashworth
Release Date:  2017-10-12 00:00:00
Running Time:  99 min
Distributor:  Cathay-Keris Films


Based on true-life events, a priest is put behind bars for the homicide of a nun on whom he was performing an exorcism on. A journalist strives to establish if he did murder a deranged human being or if the accusations are false and he has lost the battle with a demonic presence, that she may possibly have come into contact with.

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The Crucifixion Reviews

12 October 2017
Less scary than anticipated
Way too many jumpscare it became predictable

Darlingg Aelzrieyanna
18 October 2017
Seriously do not comprehend what they are trying to extend ..

Dare to watch
11 October 2017
Death and Punishment
The movie theme was too heavy, but yeah I survived,never pee in my pants. Xavier Gens, what's went wrong?

Calvin Foo
17 October 2017
watch only if you have time

Sam Gui
14 October 2017
No action
90% talk 10% action too boring

Kenji Soh
22 October 2017
Quite boring
Very draggy, the horror elements were not as scary as I anticipated them to be.

Tilak Benjamin Benith
18 October 2017
Too many jump scares
When the jump scares get too often, it becomes predictable. But the storyline, although fairly similar to most exorcist-based movies, did salvage the movie.

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