The Darkest Minds (2018)

PG / English / Science Fiction / Thriller / 105 min

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After a disease kills 98% of America's children, the surviving 2% develop superpowers and are placed in internment camps. A 16-year-old girl escapes her camp and joins a group of other teens on the run from the government.

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Jasmin Choy
3 August 2018
Quite a touching movie, shows people that we should treat everyone the same regardless. And the only one we can trust are us.

4 August 2018
The plot of this movie was okay. Characters were fine as well. The main thing about this movie is its theatrics and visual editing, those were really great.

Samantha Sam
4 August 2018
It is enough to entertain you in the cinemas. The visual effects and CGI are beyond great, however the plot was just okay.

Elaine Chang
4 August 2018
A teenager movie with good special effects. Similar to X men but this movie is about a group of teenagers.

Garethy Mitochondria
11 August 2018
Exciting enough
Exciting enough although there are many things are unclear . Storyline is not bad except for the graphics that can be improved overall z

Isabelle Koh
14 August 2018
Bad Attempt at Reviving YA Sci-Fi Flicks
Quiet on the YA front after favourites like Maze Runners and Hunger Games. This was yet another attempt, but fell flat at tired and predictable storytelling, bad dialogue and failed to provide sufficient context for those who didn’t read the books. Visuals, good editing and acting made up for it - to a part.

Justin Choong
14 August 2018
A touching storyline. Overall a decent movie, with the main characters not explored enough with depth. The visuals and editing somehow made up for it for me though.

11 August 2018
Why must it be so unclear . Could be better if they could specified on some things that are so not clear about .

11 August 2018
i have to say that i was quite excited for this film as the trailer was highly promising. but after i came out i was pretty disappointed as the plot was normal & quite predictable, nothing much exciting about it. just stream it online lol

Xavier cheh
11 August 2018
I won’t deny that the trailer made it more exciting than it was but overall the show was still amazing

Zac Rion
11 August 2018
Can be better
The movie has a lot of potential however the build up wasn’t that great. The movie felt like it was abit rush

Min Pyae Thar
9 August 2018
Graphics were incredible
One of the best teenage rebel movies I have watched. The films potrayal of powers in general is astonishing.visual effects team did a great job

Amber Saixuan Liu
3 August 2018
Nice story but too rushed
The storyline is nice,but the whole story feels too rushed,the emotions has not built up yet but the climax is coming

James CCG
3 August 2018
Not bad...
Interesting concept & storyline in the premise of X-Men. The visual effects was unexpectedly good. Very young & teen movie.

Maryam Konali
2 August 2018
Boring.....very long 2hours! Poor start to a 'franchise'
Hunger games wannabe but lacking in strong leads and characters! Poor chemistry between the four who represent the 4colors/powers/factions. Acting felt forced and the missing the charm of stranger things!

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