The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017)

NC16 / English / Action / Adventure / 118 min

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Director: Patrick Hughes
Cast: Ryan Reynolds Samuel L. Jackson Gary Oldman Elodie Yung Salma Hayek
Release Date:  2017-08-17 00:00:00
Running Time:  118 min
Distributor:  Golden Village Pictures


The world's top protection agent gets a new client: a hit man who came in from the cold. They've been on the opposite ends of a bullet for years. Now they must team up and have only 24 hours to get to The Hague to bring down a murderous dictator.

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The Hitman's Bodyguard Reviews

Lawrence Gan
20 August 2017
Forget the plot - watch for Ryan vs Samuel
The Hitman's Bodyguard premise is simple - an unwilling ex-CIA turned bodyguard has to escort a key witness - a dangerous hit man to court safely to testify before a murderous dictator's henchman can silence him first. Sounds like a run of the mill action flick but the inspired casting of motor-mouth Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) as a triple-A rated protection officer aka bodyguard forced to protect Samuel L Jackson's foul mouth hitman is pure comedy-action gold. Their head-on personality clashes peppered with foul mouth expletives snappy exchanges are hilarious. Add a sexy loony Selma Hayak as the hitman's wife to the madcap characters and flashbacks (Lionel Ritchie's Hello will forever make me snigger after watching this movie) and I couldn't take this movie seriously anymore. The tone and pacing of the movie is uneven, as parts of movie are quite serious and others parts screwball. Watch for the leads actors squaring off their adorable comedic talents against each other. 3.5stars

Julise Qiu
10 October 2017
Very good!!
Very funny! Good story line. Good act

Lucius Andi Putra
4 October 2017
Love it
Fun, both combination of actors y

27 September 2017
Awesome show
Funny, cool, quick action, exciting

Ong bee ling
9 September 2017
Don't missed it! Worthy!
The hitmans bodyguard - just enjoyed the movie so much

4 September 2017
Very very average.
Nah.. Quite average for this action-spy/assassin flick movie. Storyline was pretty shitty. Plot was poor. The action scenes were decent. Lucky that they got Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L Jackson and Salma Hayek to star in this movie. Honestly, I find this movie very very average if not for the famous stars acting in it. Very average, predictable movie. Can try and watch it if u are a fan of Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson.

Fir Ida FZ
30 August 2017
Awesome movie
Other than alot of 'fuck' its quite an awesome movie, action and comedy.

DWolver Khoo
29 August 2017
Ryan VS Samuel
Think less and enjoy the craziness of the shootouts. An expected plot pans out but the action and good acting satisfies. Bullets fly, punches pulled, head butts strike. Following his outfit as Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds excels as an action comedy star. It is hilarious to hear Samuel L Jackson's crazed laughter. The actors look like they have a great time making this movie, and that's what makes it 4 star entertainment! Can't help but think it's Deadpool vs Nick Fury :P

27 August 2017
A witty , action & interesting comedy all fused into one movie . Great choices of the actors as well . Overall , the movie is enjoyable to watch .

Johnny Boon Lai Lim
26 August 2017

Fat Albert
24 August 2017
What can Nick Fury and Deadpool give you in 2 hours?
Bang bang bang bang BANG?! F***k, F***k, F***k, F***k, motherF***ker!

21 August 2017
Great movie!
Fantastic chemistry between Ryan and Samuel! A must watch.

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