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The Kill Team

NA / English / 0 / 87 min

Director Dan Krauss 
Cast Nat Wolff, Alexander Skarsgard, Adam Long, Jonathan Whitesell 
Release Date 17 October 2019


25 October 2019
Kill team
Powerful! I nearly couldn't bear it. cruel but it is not. there's a clear American consience to it. Good show

Dare to watch
25 October 2019
Tense and compact
One of the darkest incidents in the not-so-distant history of American military exploits. Sick! Why civilian murders keep happening in wars.

Hannah Wye
02 November 2019
A Story About the Humanity
A real-based story about the humanity in the war. Soldier easily wrong get that their job is killing people, it might make people remind what US soldier did to the villagers in Vietnam War as well. Anyway, some part of the movie make people feel disgraceful about the soldier in reality life.

Mike Teng
27 October 2019
True event fall to a wrong hand
Really have to salute to this director that can shot such a good controversial topic into a slow pace no help to character development boring movie It's seems director no discussion with the actor and just continue with the shooting.seems that all the actor just get the scripts on the spot and act without rehearsal . u can feel a lapse of second that the actor is waiting to speak his lines.all acting is stiff like robot,can't connect with the movie at all.

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