The Lion King Movie Poster

The Lion King

PG / English / Action / Adventure / 118 min

Director Jon Favreau 
Cast Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Alfre Woodard, Billy Eichner, John Kani, John Oliver, Beyonce Knowles, James Earl Jones 
Release Date 18 July 2019


Jonathan Wong
22 July 2019
A must watch, nostalgic and full of meaning and good value

Mr. Kimchi
20 July 2019
Great job by Seth Rogan as Pumba. Definitely a great remake and worth a watch. This is a great flick for the whole fam to watch

22 July 2019
Love it
Despite the negative review online/on air, I enjoyed the movie tremendously. The technology just make everything more wow wow wow! In fact it makes me wanna travel more. Thumbs up to the graphics & music!

Sandeep Singh
25 July 2019
Do it for the nostalgia
The CGI was AMAZING. The same lion king we all know and love but with new touches to keep it fresh. Though it felt as though some emotion was missing at certain points, overall was still thoroughly enjoyable. A definite must watch for fans of the first lion king! It’ll bring you on a nostalgic ride.

Nurul Khairunnisa Kamal
25 July 2019
Love the scenes when nala and simba encountered one another again!! I cried while watching mufasa died and simba crying

Devendran Raj
19 July 2019
My childhood fav movie Its a adventure lion king live action Its perfect and attractive visual. Bgm was superb

Esther Kong
31 July 2019
Evergreen movie
It was an awesome movie! All the animals were very detailed, very life-like. Would watch this movie again.

June Tan
07 August 2019
good show to watch !!!

19 July 2019
THE MOVIE IS AMAZING. The visual, the graphics, the details, the storyline and the soundtrack. BEYONCÉ DID THAT!!!!

Donovan Teo
29 July 2019
Awesome Remake
Well done on the animation! Great work and effort put into the details of every frame

Babeta Kaur
12 August 2019
Lion King
Amazing voice overs and songs

Puru Sharma
02 August 2019
Too much of a good thing?
Strangely this movie is getting panned for being too much like the first Lion King - which not only is a beloved movie, it also happens to hold up really well even now. I personally loved it and would have minded it if they had mad changes for the sake of making changes. I do prefer the old hand drawn 2D animation however.

10 August 2019
Wow this is my first childhoods favourite show. I’m so happy that they came out a lion king come to live edition. This show reminds me of lots of things such as values and more.
Wow this is my first childhoods favourite show. I’m so happy that they came out a lion king come to live edition. This show reminds me of lots of things such as values and more.

18 August 2019
Not as good as the original animated film, noticed changes in script but overall nostalgic and fine.

Danish Putra
21 July 2019
Original Disney Classic
The Lion King (2019) 7/10 I really don't have much to say about this movie. It's the exact same movie as the original Disney classic, but in "live action". The animals don't have much emotion as the animators and possibly director tried to make them as realistic as possible. This may have affected delivery of the otherwise stellar script. The score was absolutely perfect and will send nostalgia chills down your spine, each time a musical number comes on. You don't have to watch this in the cinema. It's an original classic that you should show your kids, when it comes out on streaming services. I did not stay for the end credits.

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