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The Menu

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Director Mark Mylod 
Cast Anya Taylor-Joy , Ralph Fiennes, Nicholas Hoult 
Release Date 17 November 2022


Toufeeq Hidayat
15 December 2022
It Made Me Hungry BUT Lose My Appetite at The Same Time!
The Menu is GREAT! Ralph Fiennes takes on the role as Head Chef who is in charge of the VERY mouth-watering Menu, until it’s not. Ralph Fiennes is great as the Main Antagonist who slowly unfolds the courses he has carefully prepared for his well-deserving patrons. Little do they know, Chef Slowik has picked them for a particular reason, they are the WORST kind of people in the world in the sense of (“Prestigious BUT Pretentious”). The different courses are slowly served for the patrons to devour, NOT EAT! Each dish exploits and indirectly criticizes the patrons, and it is Chef’s way of getting them back. It all ends both with dessert, and a grueling fate for all of them. Highly guarded and protected, no one is allowed to leave the restaurant, and they have to pay the bill with themselves as currency. This film takes us to the edge of our seats throughout thanks to the excellent acting by Ralph Fiennes(Head Chef), Anya Taylor-Joy (Margot) and Hong Chau(Elsa). These three creates a distrustful dynamic between one another that holds a very gripping, tasteful plot that’s quite intense. Go catch this one in theatres! Well worth your time & money.

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