The Mermaid: Lake Of The Dead (2018)

PG13 / English / Horror / Romance / 90 min

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An evil Mermaid falls in love with Marina's fiancé Roman and aims to keep him away from Marina in her Kingdom of Death under water. The Mermaid is a young woman who drowned a few centuries ago. Marina only has one week to overcome her fear of the dark water, to remain human in the deathly fight with the monsters and not to become one herself.

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The Mermaid: Lake Of The Dead Reviews

19 July 2018
Great concept
Great movie concept, in fact I really love the story plot but i don’t was think it was great. Hope to see more such Creative movies !

Joi Chu
19 July 2018
not bad attempt
not bad attempt for a movie that doesn't put mermaid in a typical beautiful image- but can be better

8 August 2018
Very interesting plot and theme. Great acting and effects, the mermaids are scarier than I expected which is great!

*movie time*
28 July 2018
Beautiful Horror Love Story
Thumbs up for the story plot! Something different and interesting. Love the acting of the casts, find the couple looks compatible together. Worth the watch~~~

James CCG
25 July 2018
Interesting storyline but not as scary as I hoped. Overall, still a watchable movie & a good effort by the cast & movie makers.

Eric Pilley
24 July 2018
Like this movie
Tomorrow I’m going to watch it again... this movie is the best among the others movie... I rather give 5 stars to this movie..

Samantha Sam
8 August 2018
The visual effects for the monsters are amazing. The plot is great, and the acting is great. Overall quite the entertainment.

Michelle Sim
30 July 2018
Bad Movie
Show was English dubbed. After watching many horror movies for years, this is one of the weakest plots and storylines I have come across. No explaination of why the mermaid was haunting people. Lack of a good ending as well. Not worth your money.

Elaine Chang
29 July 2018
Though it is a horror movie I have enjoyed it very much. Entertaining plot and a different perspective of mermaid.

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