The Shape Of Water Movie Poster

The Shape Of Water

M18 / English / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / 123 min

Director Guillermo del Toro 
Cast Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Doug Jones 
Release Date 01 February 2018


Adrian Ho
20 February 2018
G.D.T The King Of Making Lovable Monsters
The Shape Of Water shows a love story that transcends time. The film is spectacular and looks amazing and picturesque at all times. The story that G.D.T chooses to tell with the monster under the water and Eliza is one that transcends time and all other factors. If anything, it proves that love transcend all mediums. The acting was spectacular. To have a lead in the film be a mute character and yet still have a compelling character to love truly speaks to the caliber of acting shown in this film. The supporting cast is great too. Octavia Spencer and Michael Stuhlbarg is perfect in their roles and Michael Shannon once again does a performance so threatening that it chills you to the bones. I would recommend this film for those who are able to keep an open mind and can appreciate films. I think those who cannot open their minds to different possibilities that may be out of the ordinary will have a tough time enjoying this film and actually really understand the film for what it is.

Janelle JJ
08 February 2018
It’s a very good movie, feel like a fairytale of beauty and beast. Great actress and actor also!

CT Fatimah
13 February 2018
Love this movie!!
The story and everything was just so unique

06 February 2018
Enter with an open mind and be amazed
Guillermo del Toro did an amazing job creating this modern fairytale. Perhaps it’s not for everyone but if you’re looking for something different from the usual Hollywood action prequel sequels you shouldn’t miss this. The cast was amazing, the set design takes you to a different world, the story is simple and satisfying in the end.

04 February 2018
Love story
Nice, but tis movie left me a question what is and isn’t acceptable in society anymore.

Renée HouJen Wang
19 February 2018
human and the beast
very good movie , but there might have some problem with some ppl, because of the “ human fall in love / having sex with aminal , well.... if u have open mind can accept , its very cool love story movie !

15 April 2018
Great movie
Super love this movie, amazing love story with interesting things happening throughout the movie. I would watch the movie again to be honest

Hannah Wye
11 March 2018
The creature made me remind the same water creature in Hell Boy, a movie from the same Director many years ago. I try to make this as a story before Hell Boy, while this creature has no human character, can’t talk. This movie is amazing and surprising me while recently there is no good romance story between human and other species, means it’s a new and creatively storyline. The only scene I don’t like is the girl singing part, although that part actually telling people that how she feel if she can talk or even sing. But the scene is just like a bump, suddenly feel like a musical movie.

Arthur Jin
14 March 2018
Nothing was wrong
The story line is great, no floss for the actresses and actors, everything is perfect especially the ending.

Goh Jiamin
06 March 2018
Artistic portrayal of a love story
Elisa being mute makes this love story simple and artistic

Kev Yap
14 March 2018
Touching plot
Great movie with great special effects and a touching plot

25 March 2018
A touching love fantasy!
A woman following a mundane lifestyle with fixed routines found true love together with an amphibian with healing powers. Against all odds, full of resilence to save the love and happiness that she believes in.

Benedict Liew
13 April 2018
Oscar Winning Film
After watching this movie, you will see why it won an Oscar. It’s a unique film that is more intricate and detailed, with a mute main character.

Justin Choong
21 February 2018
Loved it!
A unique story with a strong it with an open mind and be amazed..

Amalia Rosario
24 February 2018
Love Guillermo del Toro films, this one did not disappoint.

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