Train To Busan: Peninsula Movie Poster

Train To Busan: Peninsula

NA / Korean / 0 / 116 min

Director Yeon Sang-Ho 
Cast Kang Dong-Won, Lee Jung-Hyun, Lee Re, Kwon Hae-Hyo 
Release Date 15 July 2020


Sheila Jamie
26 July 2020
Keeps you on ur feet' till the end
A triller Korean movies full of suspense. The acting and story lines keeps you awake till the end of the story.

Gary Goh
04 August 2020
Not related to the original movie, new actors. It’s a good zombie survival movie that is worth watching.

05 August 2020
Watched this in anticipation after the crazy trailer! The build up to the story was kinda draggy but the action scenes made up for it. The scene stealer for this movie has gotta be Lee Re! SHE WAS AMAZING!! Disappointed that this movie didn’t live up to the hype around TTB but nonetheless a commendable film. The ending was definitely my favourite scene :”)

Teck Huat
02 August 2020
This movie is a spiritual sequel to the 2015 movie Train to Busan. I've had a fair share of experiences when it comes to bad movie sequels so I went in with that in mind and unfortunately, I was right. The story was stale and the characters were not well developed. It was difficult to feel for the characters that by the end of the movie, I left the theater with more questions than answers.

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