Truth Or Dare (2018)

NC16 / English / Horror / Thriller / NA

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A harmless game of Truth or Dare among friends turns deadly when someone -- or something -- begins to punish those who tell a lie or refuse the dare.

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Truth Or Dare Reviews

26 May 2018
The movie plot was not carried out well and it felt like the movie has ended abruptly. Not recommended. Not to mention, The girl in thE poster looks Selena Gomez though

Adrian Ho
12 May 2018
Interesting but nothing else
Truth or Dare is such a disappointing film in that it had an interesting concept but nothing of substance was really done with the concept.

Priscilla Jigoku Shoujo Lay
10 May 2018
Loved The Ending
I love the plot twist at the end, good move on the part of Olivia! Its like a horror version of Nerve though~

Jasmine Soo
19 May 2018
Ridiculous movie that’s all I can say LOL. Google it. Wikipedia says this received mostly negative reviews from critics and I couldn’t agree more........

30 May 2018
good movie
i enjoyed the movie, just that it is abit gory/ bloody which is something i don’t like. over all great movie, the ending is cool

Shih Ying Gun
25 May 2018
Cat or mouse
Starts out with an interesting premise but quickly spirals into a predictable story. Nonetheless, there still remains enough suspense to hold the audience through till the end, which in itself is a clever fulfilment of an answer to a prophesied question asked earlier in the movie.

Xitheng Yap
16 May 2018
Not much suspense built. Story made very predictable although a plus for the twist at the end. Storyline could have been better.

*movie time*
11 May 2018
Worth To Watch!
The movie title gives an obvious hint to the storyline which may sound simple. However, I like the storyline, acting and the plot. The twist adds more favour to the story. The ending is cleverly done~ Thumbs up and worth to watch!

14 June 2018
Doing a dare
I just played truth or dare and my friend dared me to write a review here. Having the fact that I am still daring enough to play the game means this movie is not strong enough. 1/5.

Steffi Loh
3 June 2018
Interesting plot but an okay execution
Story was kinda interesting because we all play the game of truth or dare, however the ending seems abit predictable yet makes sense. Wished they had more scenes of each of the characters own lives then just them always together.

Sarah Mae Azhar
31 May 2018
Amazing movie!
Great movie 10/10 good movie content the actors were rly good fantastic movie line! PLL x TEEN WOLF

Daphne Here
13 May 2018
love the plot twist
do not watch the trailer as it is a spoiler for the movie!! plot twist at the end makes the movie better than expected

Chew Junliang
13 May 2018
It’s worth every penny
Amazing start, plot twisting at the end!! Really enjoyed it, the plot was amazing, the sound effects and the graphic effects were all just perfectly in place! Worth every penny of mine.

Keston Huang
7 June 2018
A good concept marred by a terrible script and acting
Some of the scenes were really really cringeworthy, the dialogue really poorly written, and the story is predictable as heck.  However, what can you expect from a B-grade horror thriller? It’s the bad kind of entertaining in a certain sense, and the deaths were pretty cool. Ultimately, if you let your hair down and try not to think so much, you will have a fairly good time. It’s good fun.

Lin Zhaoxing
2 June 2018
Predictable plot
Thought it should be a good movie but turn our to be ok only. Although the ending was a bit out of the box. Not something I thought it would happen. Like the character of Olivia.

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