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This is a story of Minke and Annelies who weave love in the early 20th century colonial turbulance. Minke is a native youth, purebred Javanese. While Annelies is a mixed-Dutch girl, the daughter of a nyai (mistress), called Ontosoroh. Minke's father, who has just been appointed as regent, is always against Minke's closeness to the Nyai's family, because a Nyai's position at the time is seen to be as low as pet animals. But this one nyai, Nyai Ontosoroh, Annelies' mother, is different. Minke admires all of her thoughts and struggles against the arrogance of colonial hegemony. To Minke, Nyai Ontosoroh is the reflection of modernization, which at the time is just beginning to rise. When the arrogance of colonial law tries to wrench Annelies from Minke's side, Nyai Ontosoroh is also the one who urges Minke to keep going and shout the word, "Fight!"

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