3AM Part 3 (2018)

18 / Thai / Horror / 1 Hour 41 Minutes

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Director: Pawat Panangkasiri, Ping Thammanoon, James Thanadol, Nitiwat Cholwanichsiri
Cast: Passornkorn Chirathivat Nachjaree Horvejkul Cheranut Yusanonda Worakarn Rojanawat Numchok Thanatram Natee Ekwijit
Release Date:  2018-03-22 00:00:00


Presented in three different short movies revolving around a similar theme: a sinister presence when the clock strikes 3.00 am. The first story is about Pim, a toll collector working the night shift. Alone, she is terrorised by an evil spirit determined to take her life. The next story is regarding Tan who wants to get out from his relationship with his insisting ex-girlfriend. One night, he meets a seductive woman who puts a spell on him to haunt him. Lastly, a TV director is unprofessional in his work and constantly makes his crew unhappy. This prompts them to deceive him with a heinous prank. One night, their prank on him is about to start but they don't know that he has just died in an accident.

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