Abang Long Fadil 2 (2017)

P13 / Malay / Action / Comedy / Not Available

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A story about Fadil who fall into mafia world led by Taji Samprit and his son Wak Doyok. An incident causes Inspector Wahab and Inspector Shuib to suspect Fadil as Tiger, a professional assassin. In the meantime Yana who is a reporter that has done coverage on Tiger’s assassination was stuck in the crisis that Fadil are facing. Though he is not a murderer, to solve the crisis Fadil lead the life as professional assassin and attack King Kong which is Taji Samprit’s partner in crime who turns to become his enemy. Actions and comedies happen in Fadil’s life as professional assassin in his way to clean his name and in finding Tiger’s true identity. Can Fadil face all the challenges in his life? Who is Tiger and what mystery lies behind all this while?

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Abang Long Fadil 2 Reviews

9 October 2017
Overall: 4

Joshua John
1 October 2017
Overall: 4

Rizal Rizqie
28 September 2017
Overall: 4

Basrie Basri
5 September 2017
Overall: 4

Ffred Gaara
28 August 2017
Overall: 4

Muhd Aiman
18 August 2017
Overall: 4

محمد حنيس حمذاه
25 September 2017
Overall: 2

Mourad Moro
16 September 2017
Overall: 1

Addy Ing
8 September 2017
Overall: 1

Apak Fecelia OIia
27 August 2017
Overall: 1

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