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Seemingly insignificant items from Anita Mui's estate, like small hand-crafted gifts, handwritten cards and letters, that are not auctioned off in 2013 are transported to a garbage dump. Fans try to salvage what they can and return them to the original gifters. Through the items' journey back to the gifters, the stories of several fans whose lives were touched and changed by encounters with their idol were revealed.

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Wong Kok Chueng
3 March 2019
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Story: 4 | Acting: 4 | Visual: 3 | Music: 4 | Overall: 4

“Dearest Anita” is a movie that a group of loyal fan to cope with the "Hong Kong daughter" Ms. Anita Mui, 55-year-old birthday anniversary of her dead, and spent eight years of time and painstaking efforts, and get Clifton Ko and Leung Pako to direct directed this commemorative generation of film. The story was adapted from the real person's real thing and it started from a group of loyal fans try to collect back the relics of Anita Mui and those letters written by fans, which were thrown away as garbage and how Anita treat people with affection and righteousness. . . In terms of the plot, although it is not enough to let the audience burst into tears, but to view the idol from Fan’s angle the perspective of fans, is very real and touching . Whether it is Anita’s affection for the fans or the fans’ enthusiasm for Anita. Recommend for support, maybe you will find the strength to regain your original intentions and persist in your dreams, and once again inspire lost life!

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