Kung Fu Monster (2019)

P13 / Cantonese / Action / Fantasy / 104 min

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During the Wanli era of the Ming Dynasty, a rare creature escapes from the western gardens of the Imperial Palace. When the palace puts a hefty bounty on the escaped creature, martial arts masters from all walks of life jump in on the hunt…

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Reload Softpin Percuma
10 January 2019

Story: 5 | Acting: 5 | Visual: 5 | Music: 5 | Overall: 5

It is a fantastic movie for both adult and young kids. The story line is highly attracting and interesting.

Wong Kok Chueng
6 January 2019

Story: 2 | Acting: 3 | Visual: 1 | Music: 1 | Overall: 2

At the beginning of last year, there was a "Monster Hunt 2". At the beginning of this year, this movie "KungFu monster” with similar genre is came to the Big Screen. The film tells that the East Factory' has reward of 30,000 dollars to catch a fierce monster, and let the various parties covet. As a result, a group of people from the Jiang Hu of the squadrons temporarily teamed up to hunt beasts, dreaming of getting rich overnight, and the process was full of jokes. . . The film's lineup is not weak. The performances in front of the show are in addition to Hong Kong's Louis Koo, as well as China's Zhou Dongyu, Wu Yue and Bao Bei, Taiwan's Guo Biting, etc. Behind the scenes are the directors of "Infernal Affairs" Lau Wai-Keung and the supervisor, Derek Yee, but the story is arranged is Poor and unsatisfactory, it is difficult to be in line with "Monster Hunt 2". Although the plot is not lacking in laughing Points, most of them regard childishness as fun, and make fun of it awkward and embarrassing. It seems that even the monster is so cute, but it is difficult to save the Movie!

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