Monstrum (2018)

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During King Jungjong's reign, the Chosun capital is attacked by an unknown man-eating creature. It is up to a group, made up of an exiled soldier, his daughter and a royal messenger, to fight off the monster and protect the king.

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Alexander Lamb
20 September 2018
Normal monster movie
Usually I like Korean movies as they are being produced more seriously and are usually better developed for the storyline . However, this one is disappointing. First of all, the plot is lackluster. I son think the bad minister need to do so many things to overthrown the king. Next, the monster is made poorly. Although I know I can't ask the Korean movie CGI to be as advanced as Hollywood movie but then the monster is disappointing, it looks like some low budget movie monster. Anyways, I am happy to see Hyeri on the big screen. Hehe.

Lam Tzi Eng
19 September 2018
Korean movie has never disappointed me , this was a very good movie , should pay a visit to cinema to watch this movie !

Evelyn Evangeline
24 September 2018
A Korean version monster movie which is kinda scary but worth to watch! There is some bloody scene which may be awful ><

20 September 2018
The movie is pretty good and the storyline is predictable and the graphic animation is well done. The line-up of casts is wonderful.

Leonard Lim WK
20 September 2018
Perfect monsters
Good portrayal of monster so terrifying and intense storyline with great casts and visual effects that send awe to you. Awesome

Azza Mohamad
19 September 2018
lately many korean movie come to malaysia,, very excellent movie,, never disappointed.. i love it....

Chong Pei Chee
26 September 2018
Quite a nice monster film
While the monster CGI is not as good as Along With The Gods, the storyline is quite engrossing, plus the acting was riveting.

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