Scamsgiving (2023)

Classification / Mandarin / / 119 Mins

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Jason and his mother, Yun, have made big bucks together in Chinatown swindling money out of people ever since Jason was little. The two of them, along with the grocery store owner named Andy who took the pair in when Jason was just a baby, decide to pull one last scam before calling it quits. Their target is Mrs. Apple, the founder of a world-renowned porcelain company. Jason pretends to be the rich old lady`s long-lost grandson. The scheme is a success, and Mrs. Apple insists on bringing him back to Taiwan to reclaim his heritage. As he meets his "relatives" in Mrs. Apple`s huge Taiwan mansion, he starts to feel the warmth of being part of a family, something he has never felt before. This turn greatly affects the trio`s scamming plans, so the two adults are forced to make a quick decision. However, it seems that Jason`s new family is not as clueless as they seem.

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