The Sacred Riana 2: Bloody Mary (2022)

Classification / Indonesian / / 119 Mins

The Sacred Riana 2: Bloody Mary Movie Poster
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Riana, who has been in a slump since losing Riani, gets news that the doll is now in an Elodia female dormitory. Riana asks her parents to move schools to Elodia. Riana's request is immediately fulfilled by her parents, who hope that Riana can return to being as vibrant as before. However, Elodia's dormitory turns out to be very strict about the behavior of its students. They even put 100 mirrors in all the dormitory halls so that students who want to do bad things immediately cancel their intentions because they are embarrassed when they see themselves. The strictness of the rules creates pressure and a group of schoolgirls who enjoy playing a strange game using mirrors: the ritual of summoning the bloody mary with the new girls. The game, originally just a way to scare new students, turns into a disaster when a spirit appears trying to harm the students. Riani doll is considered to be the mastermind behind this disaster. Riana is trapped in a dilemma between bringing back the Riani doll or finding answers to the various terrors accused of the Riani doll.

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