Time (2022)

Classification / Cantonese / / 98 Mins

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A once-legendary hitman from the `60s is reduced to working as a noodle chef. Luckily, Chef Chau finds a new gig for himself: being the guardian angel of euthanasia. He slits the elderly throats of lonely old-timers dying to take him up on the offer. Unfortunately, Chau doesn`t get much time to enjoy his new career, as he gets heavily wrapped up in the lives of several potential clients. Teenager Tsz-Ying wants to be murdered, and won`t take no for an answer. The same is true of another client, the elderly Mrs Fung, who is struggling to make sense of life and the heavy demands of her children. In the meantime, driver Chung is trying in vain to find love with a sex worker. In this dark comedy, Chau discovers what it really means to live a good life and die a good death.

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