Gemini Man Movie Poster

Gemini Man

NA / English / 0 / NA

Director Ang Lee 
Cast Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen, Benedict Wong 
Release Date 10 October 2019


12 October 2019
Pretty damn good
I’m not sure why people have been shitting on this show so much. I found it pretty goooood it was highly entertaining and also just found out that junior is actually a cgi-ed will smith 10/10 effort very cool

05 October 2019
Full action pack
Great movie. Action pack.A must watch movie from Ang Lee. Do Not waste a single mins and keep you entertained

Emmanuel Soh
18 October 2019
Gemini My Will Smith
Yeah man ! Excellent and we'll panned movie , clear story and a little touching , really enjoyed the movie . You can really sense the MIB reference and see how Will matures over a long time

Ntokozo Maseko
13 October 2019
Gemini man
This movie has a lot of action that is also believable and not too science fiction . Will Smith is the main character and i also love how they changed his appearance in the evil character.

Mike Teng
27 October 2019
Glue to yr seat movie
Not sure why some give one or two star for this movie. I means Yes, it's predictable but the characters development and fight scene done very well that I forgot to eat popcorn. Lee Ang director done very to every actor, very fast introduce every actor character. every line behind hide a meaningful words. It's had a beautiful mix of western and Asian culture in it.

Michelle Tan Yin Keat
24 November 2019
Not a terrible movie as I thought it would be
An action packed movie with a little bit touching part too. Interesting to see a CGI version of a young Will Smith.

Dare to watch
05 October 2019
Double Smiths
A strong cast and interesting visuals. Every successful stunt feels more earned, and every battle scar lands more bluntly. A high frame rate does. It strips away the glamour, the reassuringly gauzy fantasy, and leaves you with sheer visual mundanity.

17 October 2019
Well, it's will smith
I like the poster caption. Featuring will Smith x2. Lee ang, as usual is good at capturing the emotions. I have the say that WS plays the old and young version of his character well. Convincing.

Kross Kumar
27 October 2019
Good movie blend story
Cgi and everything was good but story could have been better. Better story? i.e Looper. Still Will Smith did a good job and nice additional twist

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