Narratage (2017)

PG13 / Japanese / Drama / 140 min

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Director: Isao Yukisada
Cast: Jun Matsumoto Kasumi Arimura Kentaro Sakaguchi Ayaka Onishi
Release Date:  2017-12-14 00:00:00


In the spring of her second year at university, Izumi (Kasumi Arimura) receives a phone call from the object of her unrequited love—her former high school teacher, Hayama (Jun Matsumoto). He requests for her help in one of her junior’s graduation performance for the drama club. During Izumi’s high school days, Hayama brought her out of her shell, and she eventually fell for him. Thrilled by the unexpected opportunity of seeing him again, Izumi is stirred with memories of Hayama, especially that of her own graduation day, and a secret that he had confessed to her then.

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Narratage Reviews

Shizhou Bey
21 December 2017
A love story between the student and the teacher
This movie pace was pretty slow and it turned out not highly enjoyable as I anticipated.. But some of the scenes still caught me in attention,overall, this movie is so so to me.

Dare to watch
18 December 2017
Forbidden love fantasies.
Enduring love for Izumi kudo kindly high school teacher. That Narratage song is so...calming....I like it. Overexposed shots ,Soft focus, attempt to romanticise the whole situation.

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