Don't Believe The Critics, See 'Alita: Battle Angel' On The Biggest Screen Possible

By Popcorn | 20 Feb 2019
Don't Believe The Critics, See 'Alita: Battle Angel' On The Biggest Screen Possible

Since its release earlier this month, Alita: Battle Angel has done what many thought was impossible.

It's arguably the most well-made Hollywood live-action anime adaptation so far with an impressive audience score of 4/5 on Popcorn, so you could imagine our surprise when we found out that the critics felt so strongly otherwise.

Having seen the film, it turns out we are just as confused as many of you are. Coming in with a 60% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes and an average 5.5 rating on Metacritic, are the experts wrong about this one?

From the pumped-up fight scenes to the breakneck motorball sequences, Alita: Battle Angel sucks you into the weird, wonderful world of Zalem and never relents. Sure, there are plenty flaws to pick, but this wasn't made to be a prestige piece. It's fun in its purest form, made to energise and entertain. Check out some of what our users had to say:

Positive word of mouth will take Alita: Battle Angel very far. Here's hoping for a sequel!

Photocredit @ Twentieth Century Fox

Alita: Battle Angel is now showing in cinemas.

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